Ms. Upson's Classroom News

September 8, 2015

Last Week!

Mclass assessments were a success and are now complete! These scores should be going home with your child in the next couple of weeks. We will analyze this data and group student's according to their needs.

Chocolate sales started last week! As you sell a box, please turn in the money and receive a new box. There are lots of fun prizes for top sellers! If you would still like to get a box of chocolate to sell, you just need to turn in a permission slip!

This Week!

On Wednesday, the third graders will be taking the BOG assessment. This is the Beginning of Year Test. This test can be compared to the EOG, as it is on an end of third grade level. Please make sure that on Tuesday night your child get's lots of sleep! The test will take close to three hours to complete.

We will continue our asking and answering questions strategy, but will be focusing more on nonfiction texts in the next few weeks. We are learning what it means to infer, or, "read between the lines." As your child if they know what it means!

In math, we will be starting multiplication. We will begin the unit by focusing on vocabulary and our 5 facts. Students are learning that multiplication involves equal groups of something. For example, let's look at the equation 4 X 5 = 20. Instead of saying 4 times 5. We are getting used to saying 4 equal groups of 5. This way, they can understand the math behind multiplication, not just an answer.

Class Dojo

Please sign up for our Class Dojo! I cannot tell you how important it is. The kids really respond well knowing that their parents know when they earn or take away points.