A taste of Italy Catering

we cater italian food to your parties or other events

each main dish has ten servings and come with garlic bread


spaghetti no meat 30.99 with meat 35.99

fettachini alfrado no meat 45.99 with meat 50.99

lasagna no meat 55.99 with meat 60.99 both prices include spinach if it's wanted

angle hair pasta with pesto no meat 35.99 with meat 40.99

shrimp scampi 35.99

eggplant parmesan no pasta 45.99 with pasta 80.99

chicken parmesan no pasta 54.99 with pasta 90.00


each price is for ten servings

gelato 30.99

cannoli 35.99


a cheese pizza is 13 dollars for .50 cents per topping

please pre-order attest a week before your event