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Newsletter - October, 2020

Welcome from SHAPE Michigan!

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Welcome to SHAPE Michigan's October Newsletter!

SHAPE Michigan is dedicated to assisting and supporting physical education and

health education teachers across the state. SHAPE Michigan will provide you current resources, ideas, and connections to assist you through this period of distant learning.

We must continue to empathize the importance of social and emotional learning and

building a foundation for lifelong, healthy habits through health and physical education!

In this newsletter, read about member Bob Marijanovich and

future professional Allyson Metas. Mark your calendars and read about

all of the exciting events presented by SHAPE Michigan

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2020 SHAPE Michigan's State Convention

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November 3, 2020

December 5, 2020

Mark Your Calendars!

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Keynote Speaker - Jamie Sparks

Jamie Sparks was president of SHAPE America in 2018. A member of SHAPE America since 1999, he has served on the SHAPE America Southern District Health Council since 2015 and was elected member-at-large for the Southern District Leadership Council in 2016. Nationally he also served on the board of directors with the American School Health Association from 2014-2016, where he served on both the advocacy and the professional development committees. Sparks has been a member of The Society of State Leaders for Health and Physical Education and chaired the communication/social media committee. Jamie is currently executive director of the Kentucky Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.
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Please join SHAPE Michigan in our monthly virtual session on Thursday (11/19) at 7:00 PM. This is for all Physical Education and Health educators & students in Michigan! Spread the word! We will be discussing current topics in our profession.

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You can click on the picture above to access the list of MISCHA Coordinators!

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Did you know that October 19th - 23rd is 'Bring PE to your Family Week'?

Read more in this article how physical educators around the country will be participating in Bring PE to Your Family Week!

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Bob Marijanovich - Walled Lake

I graduated from Annapolis High School in Dearborn Heights. I received a bachelors degree in Physical Education from Eastern Michigan University and then obtained my Masters degree in Education from Sam Houston State. During the middle of my time at Eastern, I served for three years as an Army paratrooper mostly at the JFK center for Special Forces. I was a security and physical activity specialist where I also ran sports programs at Fort Bragg, North Carolina from 73 'to 76'.

I have been in education for forty years. I taught ten years in Texas followed by thirty years in Michigan. I have taught three years in 4th, three years in 5th grade and thirty four years in physical education. I also served as an assistant principal for two years.

I found out that after my classroom and administrative experience that I missed physical education and coaching. That is why I came back to my passion and over the years coached little league and travel in baseball, basketball, football and soccer with my three sons. I coached three years of JV football at Dearborn Heights Annapolis and eleven years of varsity baseball at Walled Lake Northern. It has been a real gratifying experience to coach some of my former elementary students through high school. I was fortunate enough to watch three of my former baseball players play for Eastern Michigan.

While teaching physical education at Keith Elementary in Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, I ran twenty five years of Jump Rope for Heart and my students raised over $300,000 in donations. This was very gratifying since one of my sons had a severe heart defect. Since the end of that program, I became involved in “POP Game ON” which helped us bring in over $40,000! I have been a been able to donate to not only to the AHA but to several other causes as well. In addition, I used the rest of the funds to buy forty heart rate monitors and many other equipment items for my school.

It has been fun and very gratifying in being involved with SHAPE Michigan and SHAPE America. I love going to workshops, state conferences and a few national conferences. It has been very informative and fun attending hundreds of sessions and connecting with people from Michigan, the US and Canada. I highly encourage you to consider being involved with our organization to help give back to our profession which contributes to the health and wellness of our youth!

Bob Marijanovich

Keith Elementary PE WLCSD

Past President SHAPE Michigan

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Allyson Metas - Grand Valley State University

Hello, my name is Allyson Metas and I am a fourth-year student at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in Physical Education and minoring in School Health Education. I am the secretary of the GVSU Health and Physical Education club and part of my role as secretary is managing our social media pages. I am from Bessemer, a small town in the Western half of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I graduated from A.D. Johnston High School in Bessemer in 2017 where I played several sports, including basketball, volleyball, and softball. I have always loved being physically active and playing sports

Growing up in a household that was always athletically involved helped spark my interest in teaching kids. My dad has been a basketball coach my entire life, and he introduced me to playing sports. In addition to sharing sports with me, my dad also shared his passion of teaching students the skills necessary for playing those sports. Seeing his players go from not understanding a skill to comprehending, and eventually mastering, was really inspiring to me. By watching practices like these throughout my childhood, I decided I wanted to have a career that involved working with kids.

When I decided to further my education at Grand Valley State University I knew I wanted to work with kids and be around sports. I originally planned to major in Exercise Science; however, after a semester I switched to Physical Education. I made this change because I have always loved working with kids, and quickly realized that it is my passion to teach. Through my classes at Grand Valley I have had several opportunities to work with students in a physical education setting and gained valuable experiences through my observations.

Since COVID-19, the classes In the Physical Education program have changed dramatically. I am used to being in class and having hands-on learning experiences, and it has taken some adjusting to get used to online learning during the pandemic. Being a student during this time can make it feel like you are 'cut off' from other people. However, the GVSU Health and Physical Education club has been working to provide virtual social events and meetings to help students stay connected in a time of social distance. These online events are helping me feel involved and connected, even when I can’t be on campus or around other students. I am excited to see how the rest of this school year 'plays out' and am looking forward to my future as an educator.

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Read about how online learning poses Physical Education class obstacles for families featuring SHAPE Michigan's Lindsey Tocco.
“Across the United States, health and physical education teacher education (PETE/HETE) programs are facing significant challenges when it comes to HPE teacher recruitment and retention. We are facing the largest teacher shortage in memory. The profession needs your help to recruit the next generation of health and physical educators. Read this blog for more information.”
Decreasing enrollment in teacher preparation programs has resulted in many discussions associated with recruitment into the health and physical education profession. Within this discussion, it is critical that we are considering ways to recruit diverse future teachers into the profession so that our teaching workforce can more closely resemble the make-up of the students that we teach. For more information about why diversity matters when considering recruitment into the health and physical education profession and how you can help, check out this recent SHAPE America blog.

SHAPE Michigan is dedicated to helping physical education and health education teachers across the state. As many schools continue with distance learning we have created a collection of resources to assist you in continuing to provide high-quality and standards-based lessons and activities.

Our goal is to provide resources that all students can access in an equitable manner and can be modified to meet the individual needs of any student.

In each category below, click on the button link to access specific resources inks to assist you with the current learning environments! We will continue to update resources on a regular basis. These resources can also be found on the SHAPE Michigan website.



Shape Michigan is divided into five different regions (see map below). Each region has a regional representative for the districts in his/her geographic region. You may contact your regional representative if you have any additional questions. In 2020, SHAPE Michigan will be hosting events in each region.... we look forward to seeing you!
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A society in which all individuals in Michigan enjoy an optimal quality of life, through appreciation of and participation in active, creative, health-promoting lives