Weekly Update

Holy Trinity Catholic School September 24th, 2020

COVID-19 Information

Mask Mandate -- As you are aware, the Mask Mandate has been extended until November 21st. The students have been doing a fine job wearing the masks and adjusting to them. Our policies we have in place for masks is working well within the school. Thank you for your support of this!

Student Screening -- With the increase of COVID cases in the community, please know that when you call your child in absent we will be doing a student screening questionnaire. This is new and will begin immediately. Thank you for your understanding.

Appointments -- Please remember that if your child has an appointment during the day, once they leave school, they can not return for the day. If the appointment is in the morning, they can come afterwards. We can not have students leaving and coming back because of appointments. Try to schedule them accordingly.

What's the difference? Sheet -- Please see the attachment below that Ascension has put out on different symptoms and understanding the difference between allergies, colds, etc.

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Reconciliation Meeting


There will be a Reconciliation meeting for Parents Only on Wednesday, September 30th at 6:15 P.M. in the Gym.

If your child is receiving their First Reconciliation this year, please attend this meeting.

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It’s time to start thinking about this year’s virtual Soles for Catholic Education Walk! We hope that you can continue your support in this year's COVID-19 friendly virtual format. There are urgent classroom and student needs, so every dollar to help support our school goal matters.

Below is the link to register to walk or donate

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Pet Blessing

In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, we will be offering a blessing of pets.

This will take place on October 2nd and October 3rd.

Friday, October 2nd at 2:45 P.M. after school at Holy Trinity

Saturday, October 3rd at 9 A.M. at St. Michael

Father Strand or Deacon Ralph will be there to give the blessings!

The pet blessing on October 2nd will be on the outdoor basketball court/playground at Holy Trinity off of Prospect St. All pets should be on a leash or crated and owners are responsible for their pet's clean up.

Standards-Based Grading

Why did we change to Standards-based Grading?

Traditional grading scales, which are based on points and percentages, only serve to rank and order students. This system of grading emphasizes the outcome rather than the learning experience. A standards-based grading system does not rank students, but rather focuses on growth. Students are assessed on clearly defined learning goals that are aligned with state standards. They are offered multiple opportunities and various ways to demonstrate proficiency and track their progress towards learning goals.

Watch for more information coming soon about Standards-Based Grading!

Attention 3K/4K/5K Parents

The Kewaskum School District is setting up their Child Development Screening Days. These days are part of an effort to locate, identify, and refer all young children with disabilities living within the district who may be in need of early intervention programs or special education services. Please call the Pupil Services Department at (262) 626-8427, ext. 1011 for more information.

Calendar of Cash Winners

September 14 - Debbie Adelmann

September 15 - James and Paulette Wilmot

September 16 - Lisa Neuman Murre

September 17 - Louie Timmers

September 18 - Jaxson Weninger