Savvy Students

Fall Newsletter for Wyman/Holden Libraries

Computer Concepts in Library

This year marks the beginning of a concerted effort to teach computer concepts during library classes. Using as a starter program I began teaching concepts and vocabulary, such as Persistence, Debugging, and Algorithms.

Independence and Choice

Starting Off the Year in Library

All students are encouraged and taught how to use the library and it's resources so that they can independently find the answers to their questions. The start of the year means helping students to learn their logins for the chromebooks, join library classrooms in Google, and reinforce the location of physical and digital resources.

How to Access Our eBooks

Students need lessons available at any time. I find YouTube a great way to make my lessons available 24/7. The video below teaches my students how to access the library eBooks from their computers and devices, at home or in school.

Tara Castro - Library Media Specialist

It is such an exciting time to be a Library Media Specialist. I get to teach students how to ask questions, find answers, and share what they learn. The world of information extends way beyond the walls of our library. I am looking forward to a year of growth with my learning community.