Alcohol Abuse

By: A.J. Hayre

What Is It?

The definition of alcohol abuse is the habitual misuse of alcohol. This means that people have gained the habit of mistreating the proper way to consume alcohol. The misuse of this substance puts the consumer and those around them at risk to mental, physical, and fatal accidents.

Who Does It Affect?

Alcohol consumption affects everybody who consumes and everybody around them. The regular misuse or consumption of alcohol can lead to internal damage to your organs, and you are at great risk of getting into accidents every single time you drink. Others who with or come across the consumer are at risk of being involved in a fatal accident as well. People who consume alcohol like this are usually only damaging themselves, but they are still at high risk of dragging somebody else into a life-threatening event.

A Memorial?

A national event has not yet occurred because of alcohol abuse, but people all over have been effected by it. Many people have lost friends and family to alcoholism, whether it be that they were intoxicated themselves, or that they were injured by somebody else who was, they were still injured or killed. This issue needs to be controlled if not stopped. Though this is the case, there are still people who have already been effected. Many people are saying that there should be a memorial in honor of these people, as well as to bring attention to the topic.

What Location?

If a memorial were to be made, I think it should be somewhere major, where it will be noticed. People who have had their lives taken from them deserve to be honored. If attention is brought to the subject, there's a possibility we could keep these events from occurring. Though it may be hard to stop it completely, a memorial could bring honor and attention to the matter.

The Memorial's Goal

The main reason I wrote an article over this is because I want to bring more awareness to the topic. Though the subject is well known, not many people stand up to stop it. Many people's lives have been ruined or even taken because of alcohol abuse. People have been injured mentally and physically, and many have even been killed. A memorial to bring attention to the situation could help stop alcoholism fro happening. It will bring awareness to those who do not know, and honor to those who have lost their lives to it.