Act 1, Scene 1

By Kelsey Milinazzo


The two characters, Gregory and Sampson, of the house Capulet, are walking in the street. They are just talking back and forth and Sampson is talking about how he will fight any Montague who passes them and insults them. Gregory teases him, insulting how much of a man he actually is. Then Abram and Balthasar enter. Sampson instigates them, and starts a fight between the four of them.

Benevolio runs up to them, trying to stop the fight. Tybalt enters and Benvolio asks Tybalt for help to stop the fight. Tybalt tells Benvolio that he hates Montagues and him, then tells Benvolio to fight. The citizens all join in the fight.Lord Capulet and Lord Montague both try to enter as well.

Then Prince Escalus enters. He says there there has been too much fighting between the Capulets and Montagues. He threatens that the next time the peace is disturbed, he's going to put them to death. He tells Capulet to come with him, and Montague later. The prince and Capulet leave.

Montague asks Benvolio who started the fight, and he gives a truthful story of what happened. They then discuss how Romeo has been acting weird lately and seems to be very sad and depressed. Romeo enters and Montague asks Benvolio to find out what's wrong with Romeo.

Romeo tells Benvolio that he is in love. The girl he loves has taken a vow to be a virgin for life and doesn't love him back. She is beautiful and denies all of his attempts to woo her. Romeo says that love is horrible and he will never love anyone else and the all of Benvolio's attempts to make him forget her won't work.

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This photo above depicts the part in this scene where the Capulet's and Montague's are just beginning to fight. Benvolio is in the middle, trying to stop the fight.








Lady Capulet


Lady Montague

Prince Escalus


I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

By : My Chemical Romance

I'm Not Okay I Promise Clean
I picked this song, I'm Not Okay (I Promise), by My Chemical Romance for Romeo. This song is basically how Romeo is feeling right now with all his teenage hormones and his love for a girl who doesn't love him back. If Romeo were a teenager about 10 years ago (2005), he would have most likely listened to this music.