Climate Change Affecting Species

How does Climate Change Affect Invasive Species?

I will be showing you some of my sub questions!

My first sub question is...If climate change does affect invasive species,would it affect all of them?The answer is no because there are animals in places where there is no climate change like Africa.So if animals are used to the warmth it will be good for them for ex:Lions,Monkeys,Elephants [Etc].

Do All Invasive Species Move When There Is Climate Change?

It really depends what animal it is,because if it is a slow animal it will not be able to move on time so it will either freeze or get really hot and can die.

Can Invasive Species Move When There Is Climate Change?

Most of the time not because like I said in the other paragraph some are more slower than others and sometimes there is not a way to get to another place or there climate .

Is It Good That Invasive Species Are Being Harmed?

It is good in a way because we don't want them harming us and other animals but at the same time it is not good because we are the reason they are hurting us and other animals because we destroy there habitats.

Do The Invasive Species Even Try To Move When There Is Climate Change?

Yes they usually try to move but it is pretty hard to get very far for some animals because maybe they are not fast so it be far sometimes from a cold place to warm place.

Do Invasive Species Affect All Species?

Well there is a lot of species but their is a lot of fish getting harmed because as it gets cold the water will freeze into ice and they will freeze but that is bad because a lot of people eat fish so that is bad.


My big question is "Does Climate Change Affect Invasive Species?"And the answer is yes because for fish when it gets cold the water freezes and the water will get cold then the fish will freeze.Also because if sea lanterns get in the water they will freeze.