This Is My Ride

You Better Like It! -Mitchell Pennington

Why My Ride Is Special

My ride is geared toward removing your lunch from your stomach and giving you a new takeout lunch at the end (Yes, that is a restaurant).

What Type of Motion Does My Ride Use

Straight-line and circular, straight-line motion is apply on most of the ride and circular during the loops.


My ride has a large use of gravitational force when going down its drops.
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Laws of Motion

All Three of Newton's Laws are applied to this ride

1st- The law of Inertia is applied when the ride comes to a complete stop at the station

2nd- When speeding up going down a drop it accelerates

3rd- The safety bar on this coaster is use for you to push yourself into the seat, because you push on it, it pushes back on you

Thank You

So, that's it you should totally ride it :D