Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of September 14-18

Strategy Spotlight

Last week I continued to work on getting into classrooms and modeling and/or co-teaching Free Response and Summary Writing (both fiction and non-fiction using the Write Tools model). I felt like with Walpole kit prep and meetings with Jessica Quandahl to work on our CPU Reading Strategy Site I didn't get to spend as much time as I would like to in classrooms working with teachers. I'm hoping to get everyone who has asked for a Free Response poster to them by the end of the week!

If you want an anchor chart or you want me to come model either of these strategies with your students, just let me know! I'd be happy to come in and model or co-teach it with you!

Next Week Strategy Spotlight=Continue with Summary Writing

Last Week

Last week's activities:

  • Every free moment was spent on getting current Walpole kits updated and new Walpole kits put together. I've now moved all of our Walpole materials to my room so I don't have to be at the primary to be working on those!
  • Co-taught and modeled summary lessons in classrooms
  • Continued to work on Free Response materials for teachers who requested them
  • Worked with Jessica Quandahl several different times working on getting our CPU Reading Strategies site ready to go "live" this week
  • Observed teachers teaching small group reading groups
  • Met with a couple teachers to discuss how to structure/re-structure and change around schedules to better meet students needs during the 90 minute literacy block
  • Attended the half day data team training

This Week:

  • Present with Jessica Quandahl on Monday morning
  • Attend all specials team meetings with Melissa Grennan on Wednesday
  • Walpole kits! Walpole kits! Walpole kits!
  • Preparing Free Response posters and materials for teachers
  • Touch base with all teachers
  • Help get teams/individual teachers set up their progress monitoring/interventions set up on the TIER site
  • Follow up with teachers and teams after Monday morning meeting - questions they have surrounding core/whole group reading time, small group reading time, and intervention time

Progress Monitoring and Interventions

I'm hoping to get around to every team and/or individual teacher to help them set up their progress monitoring/intervention sometime this week and next week. Hopefully after our meeting with Jessica Q. today we all have a clear understanding of the 90 minute literacy block (core, whole group instruction and small group instruction) and 20 minute daily intervention time. We want to make sure everyone has the same understanding and is on the same page before we jump into setting up progress monitoring/interventions. Please remember no one should set up progress monitoring/interventions this year without me, Jon, or Jessica Q. there as we have to "assign" the interventions you plan to use with your students to you before you can set them up this year. Please hunt me down if you're ready to get this going and I haven't come to you yet!!

Thank YOU!

This week I will be sending out my "Day 1-30 Survey" to all staff (most likely Wednesday morning). That means we have been in school for 30 days! To be honest, I had no idea how I would be received by everyone this year and I had many nightmares leading up to the first week of school that consisted of me sitting in my room and no one wanting to work with me! Luckily, that has not happened! I know not everyone wants to work with me - and that's okay! But, thank you to everyone who has reached out, invited me into their classroom, or just stopped in to have a conversation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the first 30 days and look forward to continuing to serve YOU! Thank you!