Q&A With Grace T. on ARCHITECTURE!

How architecture in the future will differ from modern architecture now

Modern architecture now is already so advanced, we never know what will be next. It will definitely have way more curves in the buildings than it already does, which means it will have a lot of curves. There will most likely be underwater homes, or entire cities floating as the land will get too crowded or polluted. Walls will branch out from others, and soon the underground will have needed supports everywhere. There may be bigger houses for bigger bedrooms, or not. Depending on all the children in the future.

The average ages of many, many architects

Many modern architects are around 37-40 years old today. They begin working after collage, which takes about 6 years. Sometimes they can be apprenticed during college, so they will start work a bit younger than normal.

Architecture in the past was just mud huts

It was very simple, nothing like what we have today. Many homes and buildings were stone square homes, and only cathedrals and castles had arches, curves, and elaborate designs. All they had to build with was wood, stone bricks, mud bricks, wood, and mud.

The jobs and responsibilities of an architect

Architects have a variety of jobs, many are complicated. The main job of an architect, is an architect. They design the commercial buildings and homes. The farms and mansions. Then there are the drafters. They draw the plans for the building, and often work with engineers and landscapers. The project managers stay behind and oversee construction, even after the designing phase. They make sure everything is going to plan with the designs. And finally, the landscape architects (my grandfather is one). They design the outdoor patios, pools, and plant life.

Modern architecture today

Right now, we have alot more resources than before, so architecture is much more advanced. We have plaster and dry board walls so we have more variety of buildings. We have slants and curves, and columns. We have domes, triangles, and jerky lines. Many modern house hang out over the ocean or a mountain.

the annual average salary of an architect is...

Architects earn an average of $79,800 a year. This was recorded in 2011 though, so it may have increased, or decreased in the past 4 years.
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