Miss Detrick's Class News


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Camp Tecumseh May 11th & 12th

Please check the packing list (I sent a yellow copy this week) for your child to ensure you have all necessary items. Camp is a week and a half away! I'll send home a black trash bag with your child's name labeled on it. They will have an identical bag to use on our way home from camp since they will have ripped open the original at camp. Chaperones will receive information early next week regarding the stations they will teach. Thanks again for giving up a Saturday to learn!

Before we leave for camp, kids will receive a cabin group, trail group, and eating group. Each student is placed with at least one other child from their class. The rest of their groups are mixed with other classes. We're going to make some new friends during our trip!


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Scholastic Book Fair May 9th & 10th

Our class will preview the book fair Monday the 9th to make wish lists then shop on Tuesday May 10th. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide summer reading for your child AND help the school raise money. Please send cash or check with your child on our shopping day!

Civil War & the Underground Railroad

We will begin our Civil War unit next week. I love teaching this unit and can't wait to help your child discover the social, economic, and political causes of the war. Fourth graders are usually fascinated by the concept of slavery and owning another person, so please encourage then to ask questions at school and you may wish to monitor what they research at home. There are many graphic images and videos on the internet regarding the slave trade. I've had years to weed through them and provide the kids with age appropriate content!
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Mustang Mall

Mustang Mall is the culminating activity for the fourth grade economics unit. Kids develop a concept for a business, design a business plan, create their product / service, then sell these items at Mustang Mall. Families are invited to visit the school and shop at our mall, so start saving your quarters! I will send home a shopping schedule closer to the date.
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