GCIS Building PD: 10/14/2015

PBL: What do we want this to look like at GCIS?

Large Group Collaboration Goals

  • Connect our learning from last year to our work with PBL.

  • Reflect about shifts in CCSS, PBL Video, and smarter balance assessments.

  • Establish what we want teaching and learning to look like for each grade-level/area of specialty, with PBL, by May of 2016.

Energizer & Reflection

How have you taken a risk in your learning this week?

  • Jot your ideas on a note card
  • Be ready to share with others.

Tweet Out...

Task: Compose 2 tweets:

  • Using the image below, tweet out what you can infer from the image below about PBL?
  • One Question you have about PBL?

Use the hashtag #GCISLearns when tweeting!

Big image

Video Graphic Organizer

Big image

Reflection Options

Reflection is a powerful tool in learning and growing. In order to get this going Brenda and I have brainstormed and created 3 options for you to choose how might this look for you individually. Please know our goal is to provide you choice with these options, but will always allow room for other ideas you might have.

GCIS Reflecting & Learning Options