Principal's Weekly Newsletter


~ October 12th, 2020 ~

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Letter from the Principal

This week starts with a day of rest for the students, and a Virtual In-Service day for the facutly and staff. It then ends with the close of the First Quarter, this Friday, October 16th.

There was a lot of drama last week, but there was also an undeniable sense of community as we navigated the complexities of this strange year. We're not without errors, but we are absolutely with steadfastness and unity. There's nothing like a crisis to show the true grit of a community. This whole year has shown ours!

The highlight of the week was the special Freshman Community Day, organized by Ms. Snyder and hosted by the Senior Class of 2021. The community day showed what we are all capable of, what we all can be, and what we all will be when we increase our in-person attendance in the 2nd quarter.

As always, continue to wear your masks and to practice social distancing whether you're at school or out and about. We ask that you continue to hold our school, its families, its students and its staff in your prayers. We certainly hold you in ours!

Mrs. Brogan

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Wear your mask!



October 11th - October 17th


Sunday, October 11th:

Monday, October 12th - NO SCHOOL - Teacher In-Service

Tuesday, October 13th - Blue on Campus - Mass Uniform on campus

Wednesday, October 14th - All testers on Campus - PSAT Testing Day

  • Saint of the Day: Saint Callistus I
  • PSAT Testing day for all Juniors and Sophomores and some Freshmen.
  • Seniors on campus for special make-up day.
  • School starts at 8:15 am and ends at 3:45 pm.
  • Lunch at 12:19 - Pre-Ordered CFA, or BYO.
  • Uniform: regular uniform
  • No Mass - PSAT testing

Thursday, October 15th - Gold on Campus

  • Saint of the Day: Saint Teresa of Avila
  • Thursday class schedule - Class periods 2, 4, 6, 8.
  • School starts at 8:15 and ends at 3:45
  • Lunch at 11:59 - Pre-ordered Dickey's or BYO.
  • Uniform: regular uniform
  • Prayer Service: 9:54 am Distance Learners Link here: Virtue Video: Loyalty
  • Cross Country @ Midway in Waco - 8am (*)
  • Volleyball AWAY GAME vs. Reicher CHS - JV 5:30 & Varsity 6:30pm (*)

Friday, October 16th - Blue on campus - END 1st QUARTER

Saturday, October 17th:

(*) Please see HTCHS Athletic Covid-19 protocols outlined below in this newsletter. The protocols can also be accessed on our website under the Athletics tab.



The virtue of Loyalty is aligned with the Cardinal virtue of Justice.

DEFINITION OF LOYALTY (also known as: Fidelity):

Accepting the bonds implicit in relationships and defending the virtues upheld by Church, family, and country.


  • Being faithful to the Catholic Church
  • Being faithful to God
  • Being faithful to your school
  • Being faithful to family
  • Not betraying a friend when it means you will suffer because of it


  • I love the Catholic Church!
  • Lord, help me to follow your commandments.
  • I love my school. I will follow the school rules.
  • I love my family!
  • I will follow Jesus even when others do not.
Virtue of the Week: Loyalty


~ Last week at a glance ~


Freshman Community Day

The seniors hosted a special day for the freshmen to give them a chance to experience the rich community life that defines Holy Trinity and which has been denied them due to the restrictions and limitations imposed by the pandemic.
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The goal of the day was to help build a sense of community amongst the freshman class

The day was an amazing mix of games, upbeat Praise & Worship music, discussions about issues that touch on the freshman experience, prayer, and crafts. Jeremy Rodriguez, who specializes in uplifting area Catholic youth with music, led the students in prayer through beautiful songs and gave them a much needed sense of support and community.
The seniors, who hosted the day, organized games, pumpkin painting, treats, and grilled delicious burgers and hotdogs with all the fixins'. This gave the freshmen a chance to get to know the senior class, and visit with each other in a community building way.

The whole day was organized by Ms. Alyssa Snyder, our Director of Campus Ministry. Ms. Snyder, an HT alum, knows first hand what the freshmen were missing due to the pandemic, and provided them with some much needed bonding and community building. Thank you Ms. Snyder!

Thank you to all our volunteers, especially those who work behind the scenes. We are so grateful for your support!


Blue Day Mass with Fr. Jude

Tuesday Fr. Jude Uche came to celebrate Mass with us for the first time. We were thrilled to welcome him. Fr. Jude is the pastor at St. Stephan's Catholic Church in Salado. He addressed the issue of overcoming obstacles in life - daily obstacles, small things that distract us from our purpose. He emphasized that each moment is an opportunity to experience a conversion, each moment is an opportunity to go beyond the obstacles that hold us back.

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Thank you to all who served: senior Nathaniel E., freshmen Jonah A. and Joshua B. (altar servers); seniors Carisa T., Chrysanthe N.and, Caeleigh S., and freshmen Joseph J. (music) and freshman Adan T. on saxaphone (music); freshman Zach B. (lector); and thank you to Mrs. Rockwood for organizing the church choir and music, and for helping make sure Ms. Snyder's careful planning for the Mass was seamlessly delivered. Finally thank you to senior Cate B. for her help setting up for the Mass and then putting everything away. And thank you to the students who stayed to help set the lunchroom back up. It takes a village - and we have a village at HT!

Gold day Mass with Fr. Chris

Fr. Chris Downey from St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Killeen returned to celebrate Mass on Wednesday, the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary.

His homily was about Our Lady of the Rosary and the history behind why the feast day was started, when the Catholics defeated the Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Lepanto. The Catholics were greatly outnumbered in the naval battle but won a decisive victory, which was attributed to the pope's plea for everyone to pray the rosary and ask Our Lady to intercede.

He went even further back to explain why Mary is so instrumental in our faith. He explained that in ancient Israel the queen wasn't the king's wife, she was the king's mother. When people wanted to appeal to the king, they would ask his mother to appeal to the king on their behalf. This continues in the theology of our Catholic faith. Mary is instrumental in interceding for us to Jesus, because she is His mother and He listens to her. She is our advocate when we want to approach Jesus. When we ask for her intercession, Jesus hears our prayers through the voice of His mother. How can he deny her?

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Thank you to all who served: freshmen Jonah A., Thomas B., and Patrick S. (altar servers); seniors juniors Nathan O., and Andrew L., senior Chrysanthe N.(music); senior Faithann G. (lector); and thank you to Mrs. Rockwood, Ms. Snyder, and the seniors for music, slides, and overall set-up and take down.


Volleyball Head Coach Brandi Jageler (Varsity) and Assistant Coach Jane Boone (JV) are leading the Lady Celtics into each game with demonstrated skill and strength conditioning. The teams continue to dominate in the HT gym.

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The JV team beat Methodist Christian in their first JV only game. Way to go JV Celtics!

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FORENSICS - West Hardin Tournament

Holy Trinity placed first as a team out of 14 schools at the West Hardin Forensics Tournament on Saturday, led by an astounding finish by the novice debaters. Six freshmen from Holy Trinity placed first through sixth in Novice LD Debate, winning 17 of 18 debates. This is a team first! The team also took seven other awards.

Theresa Lindberg led the team with three awards: first in Storytelling, second in Dramatic Interp, and second in Prose.

Placing for the Celtics in Novice LD Debate were...

Therese Mosmeyer, first

Jonah Ainley, second

Elias Deen, third

Valerie Schwartz, fourth

Nicholas Boor, fifth

Zachary Boor, sixth

Celtics also took four of the top six spots in Novice Extemporaneous Speaking:

Valerie Schwartz, first

Therese Mosmeyer, second

Nicholas Boor, fourth

Zachary Boor, sixth

Congratulations Celtics!

Chris Mosmeyer
Director of Fine Arts
English, Forensics, Latin


A message from our Counselor


The PSAT is being given on Wednesday, October 14th, 2020. The PSAT will be given at Holy Trinity again on January 26, so you will have another opportunity to take the PSAT. All students testing on Wednesday, will remain at Holy Trinity after the test and will report to their 3rd (5th) and 4th (7th) period classes after lunch. Students who chose not to take the PSAT this Wednesday will do distance learning at home for their classes after lunch and will not have morning classes.

NB: Freshmen who are not taking the PSAT will attend school in Mrs. Newman's class in the morning.

Important things to remember for testing:

  • Get plenty of sleep Monday and Tuesday nights so that you will be well rested and ready to test on Wednesday.
  • Wear school uniform with polo shirt and bring a sweater or hoodie if you tend to get cold.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast on Wednesday.
  • Report to Gym to have temperature tested.
  • Prior to the test, you may go to your locker to get something to work on after the test, then report immediately (no later than 8:10) to your designated testing room. You may not finish the test before lunch. Designated testing room information was sent via email.
  • Bring approved calculator to testing room. You cannot use your phone as a calculator. We do not have extra calculators for you to use. Make sure your calculator is charged.
  • You may bring water and a light snack, but the water must remain under your desk while testing and the snack will be kept in your backpack until the break.
  • All phones will be turned off or on silent, in your backpack, and placed at the wall during testing.
  • You may not have anything at your desk other than your water and the materials that are given to you for testing.
  • All students will remain on campus after testing and will not be dismissed to go home.
  • If you did not order lunch through RenWeb for Wednesday, please bring your lunch. The snack bar will be open also.
  • The PSAT will take approximately 3 1/2 hours, so you will remain in the Room 105 until lunch. If you have not finished the PSAT by lunch, you will be moved to the Library to finish testing.

Blessings and good luck on the PSAT!

Cheryl Sanders, Counselor

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Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar Booklet


Click below to access the Compendium of Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar for High School Seniors. The booklet contains information about all the colleges in Texas with application deadlines, financial aid deadlines, admission tips, and various other information.

Texas Colleges and Financial Aid Calendar Booklet


Cheryl Sanders

How to Cope with Loneliness While Doing Online Learning from Home

Students and Parents,

As you are continuing to stay safe at home while we are still facing the uncertainty of the Covid pandemic, I have found several websites that hopefully will help you manage any feelings of loneliness and despair that you are experiencing.

Just interacting on the computer with distance learning can never replace being with people. Hopefully, you will find these articles helpful, but more importantly, let's all pray that the pandemic ends soon, and we can all return to being with our classmates, friends, and teachers.

May God protect you and keep you safe now and forever.

Blessings to you all,

Cheryl Sanders, Counselor


Misc. HT info

Join the Spirit Squad!

Spirit Squad president Abby C. (C' of '23) invites students interested in creating a spirit filled atmosphere at HT to join the Squad. They help plan fun events for all of HT, and create awesome banners and posters to hang around the school ahead of school events. Show your school spirit by coming out to help. We need all the Spirit we can to show Covid we're stronger than it! Information at the front counter.


Holy Trinity is partnering with Home Town Ticketing to make tickets available for pre-purchase via our Online Ticket link. Find the link at the top of our Homepage, or on our Athletics page.

Support Holy Trinity and purchase tickets ahead of a game. We'll be able to scan your ticket directly from your smart phone. See you at the game!

Protocols for athletic games

Please be aware that our Athletic Director, Coach Shelton, is working hard to keep all our athletes and supporters safe during home and away games. Attached are protocols that he is enforcing for our HOME Football games, and for our HOME Volleball games.

If you are planning on attending any of our games, please take the time to familiarize yourselves with our protocols so that you know what to expect when you attend a game.

Please note that likewise, games held 'away' will be subject to similar protocols that we, as guests of the hosting school, will require our athletes, coaches, and attending parents to respect and adhere to. The Holy Trinity Home Game Protocols are posted on our website and you can access them by clicking on the links below.







If you know your child will be absent for any reason please be sure you notify Mrs. Mungia ( She is your primary contact for anything related to Attendance. You may email her about an absence and this will work as notification.

Likewise, if your child is unable to connect to their class for any reason, please let Mrs. Mungia know so she can notify the teachers. Your email serves as a time-stamp re: notification and she will log your email in her Attendance correspondence.

HT masks and gaiters for sale

We have masks and gaiters that were made specifically for Holy Trinity. If you would like to purchase one, please contact Mrs. Mungia ( There are limited supplies so let her know asap if you'd like her to hold one for you. Cost is $10/each. The cost can be added to your FACTS.
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Snack Bar cards now available

You can purchase a Snack Bar card for your student. They're $20 each and are kept at the snack bar. Students can walk up to the snackbar and get a drink or snack and it's deducted on the card. They don't have to worry about forgetting to have $$ in their pockets.

Contact Mrs. Mungia to purchase one. They are added to your FACTS payment.

NB: You cannot buy Friday pizza with the card - for that you do need to have dollar bills in your pocket.

Walden Library info

Librarian Hours: Thursdays & Fridays: 100 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Self-Check-Out Log: Self-checkout clipboard on the front desk. When Mrs. Ciupek is in the Library, she will provide “auto-scan” services.

• In-Library Policy: max 5 students in the Library at any one time, and social distancing.

All-Distance Students (non-campus): DL students may select books or other items directly from the library catalogue:

For more information, contact Mrs. Ciupek at

In the Community

Our Newest Celtic!

Little Hope Noelle Linzy was born on October 2nd (while we were all at the Homecoming Game). Her dad Devon is the Treasurer of our Board of Trustees. Congrats to the Linzy family on the birth of their beautiful baby girl!
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We support St. Mary's Catholic School

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St. Luke Fest - October 17th

The annual St. Luke's Fest is Saturday, October 17th. If you can volunteer, please contact Sydney Ranney (254) 624-2811. They are still in need of additional tents. If you can offer a tent for that day, please contact Sydney. They still need about 3 to 4 tents.
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