A Question of Moral

Feed 124-150


That night Titus invited Violet over to his house for dinner with his parents. Everything was going good until Titus's dad and violet got into and argument about the trees and air factories. Titus's dad was pissed at Violet by the end of the night because he feels like Violet is a bad influence on Titus and because she does not think the same way everyone else does in their time. After dinner Titus went to go take Violet home but before they could leave Violet had a problem with her feed that made her leg not work and she said its been happening since the hacking. Eventually Violet was able to walk and Titus took her to meet her dad. The next day Titus went over to Violets house for the first time and found out about her family history and met her dad. Titus had a hard time understanding Violets dad because he speaks in weird words and irony because he believes the language is dying. After they left Violets house they drove out to the Country and told stories about their parents and how they met and went into a maze and laughed and had a great time together. Titus and Violet ended up sitting down after that and had some cider doughnuts and she explained her theory to Titus on how everything was better if you delayed it and taught him about self-control, Titus at this point was really turned on for Violet. As Titus was driving Violet back to her house she asked him about how he would want to die and they made a secret handshake and after Titus dropped of Violet at her house he left thinking about how perfect that day was.


  • Titus is sort of spoiled and gets whatever he wants like his own up car and got to pick which ever up car he wanted because his feed was hacked. Where as Violet who got the worst part of the hacking did not get anything for her suffering.
  • Titus in comparison to Violet also lives in a nicer house and area than Violet. Titus was not used to the area she lived in and was so astonished at where she live. " All the houses were really old and flat. The streets were blue and cracked, and they were streets, I mean, like for when things went on the ground" ( Anderson134-135)


  • When it comes to Violet she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.
  • " 'Yeah that's what happened,' said dad shrugging. 'You got to have air.' Violet pointed out, 'Trees make air,' which kind of worried me because I knew dad would think it was snotty" (Anderson 125)
  • Violet also has her own way of doing things and is not afraid to do them and she does not care what other people think as long as she is happy she does not care.

Essential Question

How does Feed illustrate the degeneration of human thought and language?

Throughout the book the feed illustrates degeneration of human thought and language by comparing Violets life to Titus's life. Violet was not brought up the same way as Titus and therefor her thoughts are different than Titus's and his families. For example when Violet and Titus's dad argue about how you can get air. Violet was raised the old fashion way and knows that trees provide enough air for the humans. Where as Titus's dad believes that an air factory is better and more efficient than trees. When Titus met Violets dad he had no idea what her dad was saying because their language has deteriorated so much.

Discussion Question

The upcar advertisement uses a parable from The Bible about the rich and poor:
It was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich guy to get into Heaven.” Do you think excessive wealth makes it harder to people to live well? Does money buy happiness?

Violets leg stopped working at Titus's house and could not walk but she did not want Titus to tell anyone.