Various ACT Strategies

Lots of strategies that can help you do better in the ACT.

There is alot of strategies for the ACT.

The ACT test consist of four testing subjects.





Math Strategies

1- Be confident ( don't be nervous of any sort during the test just take your time)

2- Read the word problem once, without solving.

3-Preview the answer. This will help you make sure that you solve appropriately and put your answer in the correct form

4- Memorize formulas. There is no way around this one. take the time, and it will pay off.

5- Quality over quantity. Don't focus on getting the whole test done. Instead, aim to get the most question correct.

Reading Strategies

1- Read the text carefully annotating and highlighting words that you may or may not know the meaning of.

2- Highlight information, keywords, that is important from the text you are reading.

3- If your reading comprehension is not the best, make sure to go look back into the text for the correct answer.

Science Strategies

1- Make sure to highlight important information giving in the charts, annotating important information.

2- Look through out the charts carefully and make sure that you understand them.

3- Don't let math vocabulary confuse you.

English Strategies

1- Study Lots of Vocab! this will help you know words and be able to answer lots of questions correct.

2- Pace yourself In the reading don't go to fast so that you don't understand anything and don't go to slow that you bored yourself to death.

3- Eliminate answers so that you can make it easy on yourself

General Strategies

1- Go to sleep early the night before the test

2- Don't just study the night before study with time before the test

3- Eat a healthy light breakfast the morning of the test