Your Plexus Investment

Issue #2 - Is YOUR Monthly PV Too Low?

Ask Yourself these Questions...


a) Have your own customers and Ambassadors who are active? OR

b) Purchase the Triplex (or similar) most months?

If so, just STOP READING. Thanks for your time!

BUT, if you can't say "yes" to one or both questions above... you probably shouldn't be wholesale. You are simply not maximizing your membership.

How Can You Save More?

Save the Most By Meeting the 100PV Requirement!

Meeting 100PV allows you to EARN $$$ BACK on your OWN PURCHASES! Sounds good, right?! Every time you make a purchase over 100PV, you earn (at least) 15% back on your spending (or selling) above 100PV.

It's like earning a coupon every time you order. Don't miss out! These funds are paid back to you and you can apply them to your next order!! Ask your sponsoring Ambassador how to do this if you don't know.

Not Interested in Purchasing 100PV Every Month? NO Problem!

My suggestion would be to...

A) Bundle your purchases. If you order at least 100PV each time you place an order, and you do that at least 3 months out of the year, you may be wise to stay wholesale.


B) Switch to being a preferred customer and save 15% on each order. If this is you, check out the instructions below for how to change your status from wholesale to preferred.

BONUS: Did you know that after three consecutive months of purchasing your monthly order, you save an additional 10% on your purchases -- that's the same price as wholesale without the annual fee!!

Want to Switch from Wholesale to Preferred?

To switch to Preferred Customer, make an appointment with Angela. Simply request a time for a walk-through call via email or text 443-852-0385.

Or to resign your Ambassadorship on your own, simply go to: and fill out the form.

You will be given the option to:

1) stay an Ambassador but turn off your Convenience Order,

2) downgrade to Preferred Customer, (suggested)

3) downgrade to retail customer, or

4) continue with cancellation of the account.

Our suggestion is that you downgrade to Preferred Customer if you're not taking full advantage of being a wholesale Ambassador. That way, you can continue to order the products you want at a 15% discount, without the annual renewal charge.

Talk to your sponsoring Ambassador (or me! about how to modify your membership based on what's best for YOU. We want to meet you where you are with the products and we're here to help!

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