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OlloClip provides a quick-connect lens solutions for mobile devices. This company is found in Huntington Beach, California. OlloClip can be acquired on the internet and at a number of major retailers. The OlloClip solution offers fish-eye, wide-angle macro lenses in one clip-on accessory. The product can be obtained for your iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch. The goods is compatible with photos and videos. The OlloClip works with Hipstamatic, Instagram and any other application that makes use of our prime quality, rear facing camera around the iPhone 4/4S. The product can be used although the phone is mounted inside the Steadicam Smoothee tripod holder. The OlloClip comes with the three sorts of lenses, lens caps, a micro-fibre lens cleaning and bag cloth in addition to a user’s guide. OlloClip gives a product referred to as the Quick-Flip Case. This is usually a case for those iPhone by using a rotatable corner so that the OlloClip can be easily becomes and attached a dedicated shutter release. It provides a removable Pro-Photo Adapter for mounting the device to the tripod. The internet site has instructional videos on ways to use the product. Customers can subscribe using their emails to acquire news, the newest offers and product updates.

Give your iPhone camera more versatility and give a smart deal with Olloclip Coupon Code. Olloclip’s clip-on lenses for iPhone iPhone and 4S 5 make close-up, wide-angle and panoramic shots a breeze.

Have the Olloclip three-in-one lens that actually works with the favorite apps to generate great videos and images:

1. Capture vistas with Olloclip’s fish-eye lens and it is 180-degree view field-best for landscape shots and huge group photos.

2. Close in on small and detailed subjects with a 10x macro lens that lets your iPhone camera focus on objects as near as 4 inches.

3. The wide-angle lens almost doubles your phone’s normal field of view for any bigger picture.

Olloclip works best for still shots and videos, is small enough to position in the bank and is compatible with popular image apps including Hipstamatic, Instagram and any other app that employs the back-facing camera on the iPhone four to five. Reduce multifunction photo fun with Olloclip online coupons.

Review: Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens for iPhone 4/4S