SEM Camp

Schoolwide Enrichment Model @ Austin Elementary

June 10-12, 2014

Learn the "why" behind the Schoolwide Enrichment Model and how to improve total school performance for ALL learners through the implementation of SEM.

SEM Camp

Tuesday, June 10th, 8am to Thursday, June 12th, 3:30pm

161 S Moore Rd

Coppell, TX

Austin Elementary will host a 3 day summer camp that will incorporate the teachings of Joe Renzulli's Schoolwide Enrichment Model into a practical approach of implementing the model. The camp will incorporate the findings of GT researchers and other practitioners to empower educators to help learners succeed.

Participants will:

  • deepen their understanding of SEM,
  • use assessment to simplify teaching,
  • learn how to group students in order to maximize instruction,
  • participate in a panel discussion led by students, educators, parents, community members, and school board members regarding the impact of the SEM model at Austin Elementary.

This 3-day learning will be customized to fit the needs of a classroom educator, as well as that of a campus administrator.


  • June 10-
Overview and Implementation of SEM

Learning Inventories and Designing Experiences for All

  • June 11-
Enrichment Clusters and Cluster Design

Introduction to Total School Cluster Grouping

  • June 12-
Curriculum Compacting

Showcase and Panel Discussion

Who Should Attend?

Whether you have attended Confratute or not, SEM Camp will give you a clearer understanding of the philosophy behind the Schoolwide Enrichment Model. This camp will also give you the "nuts and bolts" for how to implement SEM on your campus leading to total school improvement.

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