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Beauty in bloom

Do you have love for flowers? Love to be in the company of sweet blossoms around you? Well then there is good news for you as now you can have them around them on your sleeves, shoulders and literary you don’t have to care about carrying a garden of your favorite flowers with you.

A simple floral dress is always welcomed for lifting your mood or donning perfect look for baby shower but floral are not just an option for fall or particular event, the Rene’s blog will explain to you about wearing floral look in summers and look gorgeous in your favorite blossoms during this spring summers. You can check the latest trend on http://www.dqstyle.com

You can wear cherry blossoms or the huge sun flowers or if you want to look traditional wear the ever green good old roses imported straight way from England. With countless flowers out there waiting you to donn them you have ample options to look sexy. Just remember some rules for wearing them right.

Get the hour glass look

Yes the flowers are not just for cheering up your mood but they can also accelerate your look. Flowers can help in flattening your curves especially with women who have them at wrong places, where they are not supposed to be.

A full bodied woman can wear flowers and blossoms with placing them strategically on areas they want to get flattened. It will give them a fresh look and hour glass shape covering the areas.

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However they have to stick to floral patterns combining not more than three colors and pattern should be clean and rush free.

Never forget to pair up your floral piece with solid, nude colored top or bottom while wearing the floral separates.

Combine solids with floral

Go ahead with floral, wear floral jackets, pants, tops and even floral socks or anything, just remember that if you will team them up with solid and blocks you are going to rock the show. If you don’t agree with me then just check the glimpse of spring summer collection of Dolce & Gabbana. Smiling models in pretty floral will give you the tips you have always wanted for floral dressing.

Never overdo

Spring is all about overgrown flowers and beautiful gothic looks but never overdo in styling. Never follow the trend blind heartedly. Combine the trend with your inner style rather combine it with your looks. For example if you have a heavy torso then choose floral print in manner that it has focus on your legs and try to make balance in over all looks.

Make it look beautiful not loud.