February 24-28, 2020

Staff Professional Development Day Success!

Thank you so much for joining us and participating in our annual Staff Development Day. The day was set up for all of us to get out of our comfort zones, move around, meet new people, and grow together as a team.

  • WASC - Thank you to our WASC leaders for facilitating our morning discussion. We hope you were able to collaborate with staff members outside your department, learn new things about our school, and have productive discussions with each other.

  • Breakout Sessions - Thank you to all of our presenters who led a session. We appreciate all of your behind the scenes work, knowledge, and making our school a better place.

Also, a big shoutout to our PE department who went above and beyond on Friday. Check out the video below and their Get Up and Move Session.

WHS PE Department Holds "Get Up and Move" Session for our Staff

Mustang Schedule This Week:


  • *Periods 1-6 Regular Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 3-4 & 5-6 Tutorial Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 1-4 Collaboration Schedule - 7:50 am-2:00 pm (Early Out Dismissal)

  • Staff: Wear Walnut Swag


  • *Periods 1-2 & 5-6 Tutorial Schedule - 7:50 am-2:45 pm


  • *Periods 1-6 Multicultural Double Assembly - 7:50 am-2:45 pm
  • Period by Period Staff Meeting
  • Family Friday in the F Workroom (7:00-7:40am)


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Period by Period Meeting

Join us on Friday in H5 for a period by period staff meeting.

Here are the following meeting start times:

  • Period 0: 7:15 - 7:40 am
  • Period 1: 7:50 am
  • Period 2: 8:55 am
  • Period 3: 9:50 am
  • Period 4: 10:45 am
  • Period 5: 12:55 pm
  • Period 6: 1:50 pm
  • After School: 2:55 - 3:25 pm

Multicultural Double Assembly - Feb. 28

Please explain to your 4th period class on Wednesday, February 26, which assembly they are to attend.

  • If you are going to the 1st assembly: 10:45- 11:15 your students go directly to the gym at the end of third period. They are to be in the bleachers no later than 10:45.
  • When the assembly is finished, return to class, take roll and class will run from 11:25 until 12:10 (45 minutes).
  • If you are going to the 2nd assembly: 11:40- 12:10 students report to 4th period for class from 10:45-11:30 (45 minutes) Please release your students at 11:30 to attend the 2nd assembly. The assembly will run from 11:40 until 12:10.

Lunch: 12:10-12:45

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Family Fridays! Sweeten Your Day!

Come join us this Friday in the F workroom as we celebrate the end of February, paychecks on the horizon, and another month closer to spring break!

Donuts, coffee, and fellowship. Come say hello to people and get out of your classroom for a little bit.

F workroom will be open from 7:00 - 7:40 am!

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Time to Nominate our Teacher of the Year!

We are now accepting nominations for the 2020 Teacher of the Year! Please nominate a teacher that you feel deserves this honor! Criteria and nomination link below.
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Low Performing Student Block Grant

Our district received a one-time Low Performing Student Block Grant to compensate certificated staff for their commitment and hard work with continuous professional learning to meet the needs of our students.

Please see the attached memo with more information and form below that you need to fill out to be compensated.


Google File Stream

Google used to have a program that allowed you to add Google Drive to Windows to make it function like any other folder on your computer. They have revamped it and renamed it to Google File Stream. The functionality is basically the same, except now it will look like a Network Drive versus a Folder. The main benefit of installing this on your computer is that you can now save everything to your Drive, where you have unlimited storage, and be able to access it from anywhere you have internet access.
Google File Stream

Tutorial Requests Video

Kevin gives our staff the option to request students to their tutorial sessions through Google Forms. Take a look at the video below on HOW TO request students to tutorial.
Tutorial Request

Tutorial Scanning Sheets

Just a quick follow-up to our staff meeting & email.

  • Before the sheet will work properly you need to approve the script to run. That is found in the video below. It should take 2-3 minutes to get it to run.
  • Always make sure you are in the first column when scanning/typing in IDs.
  • I will be going around building by building over the next couple of weeks during tutorial to check in
  • If you are having any issues getting the script to run, please fill out this form HERE.
Tutorial Set Up




a wonderful or astonishing person or thing.

Shoutout to our Mustangs going above and beyond!

Thank You to our Presenters!

Huge shoutout to our Breakout Session Presenters on Friday. We appreciate all the time and effort you put in behind the scenes to make it a great learning opportunity for our staff. Below is the link to all the action shots I took from our breakout sessions. We appreciate you!
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WASC Leaders

Thank you to our WASC leaders who helped with our Friday Morning session on collecting evidence. Your leadership and investment in the WASC process is appreciated and makes an major impact on our campus.
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Monique, Evelyn, & Custodial Friday Set Up!

Thank you to Monique, Evelyn, and Custodial team for all of your help on Friday. They were here early in the morning setting up and getting everything ready for our staff. Evelyn is currently our librarian substitute if you have not had a chance to meet her!

Infante and Science Olympiad!

Congrats to our Science Olympiad Crew! They placed 4th place out of 53 high schools in the Southern California Science Olympiad Regionals competition. They will now head to the state competition in April. Congrats to our students and thank you, Ms. Infante, for your leadership!
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Suzanne Pathways Night

Shout out to the following staff members who came out to South Pointe last week to speak to our future Mustangs and parents about our Pathways and Academic Programs:

  • Ellie Blanchard
  • Chiara Morgan
  • Bryn Schultz
  • Trisha Shah
  • Manette Idris
  • Amanda Lindeman
  • Darcy Milam
  • Katie Takahashi
  • Lisa Lopez
  • Nathan Newman
  • Jenny Alegre


2/1 Robert Sandoval

2/3 Erica Blake

2/6 Katelyn Takahashi

2/9 Jane Han

2/12 Renee Juarez-Medina

2/12 Corey Wicks

2/13 Rose Marie Arellanes

2/13 Jeri Burnside

2/13 Suzanne TenBroek

2/16 Haesoo Park

2/19 Tania Coday-Voss

2/28 Ragen Goetz

2/29 Ron Honore


Mending the Shattered Past

Our pubs team wrote a featured story on Senior, Yaisha Torres. If you get a chance, click on the link below and read her story on adversity, resiliency, forgiveness, and hope. It's important to understand the story behind our students and get to know them on a deeper level.

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