My Future

Maci Winters Period 7

Left Brain







I- (introverion) people who prefer Introverion tend to focus on the inner world of ideas and impressions.

S- (sensing) people who prefer sensing tend to focus on the present and the concrete information gained from their senses

F- (feeling) people who prefer feeling tend to base their decisions primarily on values and subjective evaluation of person centered conserns.

J- (judgement) people who prefer judgement tend to like a planned and organized approach to life and prefer to have things settled. More scheduling dealing with activities. J types prefer the "destination" over the "journey"

My personality is gold

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Kuder Navigation Results

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Job that ties to my budget is

marketing manager

Top 3 Career Choices

Top College Choice

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High School Plans

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Graduation date

May 23, 2020
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"It always seems impossible until its done" - Nelson Mandela