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Register for a Spring 2015 Course with a Study Tour Component

MLAL 3710: Fin de Siecle Vienna: Klimt, Cafes and Cemeteries

Instructor: Maria Ebner - mebner1@fordham.edu

Vienna at the turn of the 19th to the 20th century was an important center for intellectuals, artists, architects, the opera and literature as well as the sciences not only for Austria, but for the rising movement of Modernism in Europe at large.

Register for the Spring 2015 course (CRN: 24760). Students must be registered in MLAL 3710 during the Spring 2015 semester to participate in this required study tour to Vienna.

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POSC 3632 China & the US in the Era of Globalization

Instructor: Thomas De Luca - tdeluca@fordham.edu

Among all nations, the U.S. China relationship is the most important one in the world. What is its future? This course considers this question by comparing the two countries with respect to politics, culture, economics, and philosophy. It features a two week study abroad tour, during which American and Chinese students room together, while attending lectures and discussions (in English) led by Chinese professors. The trip also includes interesting and exciting field trips to historic Chinese political and cultural sites in Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong. Its goal is to enable students to better comprehend the future of Chinese-American relations in the contemporary era of globalization.

Register for the Spring 2015 course (CRN: 25042). Students must be registered in POSC 3632 during the Spring 2015 semester to participate in this study tour.

Spring 2015 Short-Term Programs

SPAN 3700 Cultures of Memory and Postmemory in Contemporary Chile

Instructor: Carl Fischer - cfischer8@fordham.edu

This course will explore artifacts and movements of cultural memory — literature, criticism, film, photography, and other media — that illuminate efforts in Chile to come to terms with the country's recent dictatorial past. We will also discuss these artifacts in light of the idea of "postmemory": how affiliations to, and representations of, this past are (re)constructed in the present and projected into the future. The course will meet once a week during the semester, and then include a one-credit, two-week-long study tour to Santiago, Chile immediately after the Spring 2015 semester ends.

Apply now. DEADLINE 3/1.

Summer 2015 Courses

COMM 3084: Writing for Magazines

Instructor: Elizabeth Stone - stone@fordham.edu

Periodicals began in the 17th century coffeehouses of London, so where better to take “Writing for Magazines” than in London? This EP3 course will plumb London as a source for our stories. The options are infinite. For a review, we can see a play in the West End, or cross the Thames on the Millennium Bridge to go to the Tate Modern, or hear a concert. For a service piece, want to write about how to find the best flea markets? The best free events? Whatever we do, London will be our campus, whether we walk in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter, or learn how Londoners live from a Fordham ex-pat or two. We will also use class time to “workshop” your rough drafts and curate our own online magazine. And we will read for inspiration as well – drawing on other writers who loved London and who loved writing about it – not only Virginia Woolf (who once wrote about London for Good Housekeeping) but Boswell and George Orwell among others.

Apply now. DEADLINE 3/1.

ENGL 2000: Modern Women in London

Instructor: Anne Fernald - fernald@fordham.edu

This London-based section of Texts and Contexts, and EP II course takes women’s writing from 1900-1950 as our text, London as our context. This summer, we will visit and explore traces of London 1900-1950 while reading literature that reflects the impact of these changes. Our authors include born Londoners (Virginia Woolf, Betty Miller) and colonials (Jean Rhys from Dominica, Una Marson from Jamaica, and Katherine Mansfield from New Zealand).

Apply now. DEADLINE 3/1.

COMM 3416: Landmarks, Locations and Adaptations

Instructor: Dr. Amy Sargeant - amysargeant@hotmail.co.uk

The course considers the adaptation to screen of a number of literary and graphic texts, delivered by way of location and museum visits, viewings, lectures and seminars in London. It will contrast adaptations which attempt to reproduce the settings of source material with adaptations which update and geographically re-locate action. Dickensian London will be discussed by way of David Lean's and Carol Reed's versions of Oliver Twist, itself responding to Gay's The Beggar's Opera. Old and new adaptations of Greene's Brighton Rock will be discussed, with reference to students' contemporary 'tourist' experience of this popular seaside resort.

Reading for the course will cover source texts, theoretical approaches to the much-contested field of adaptation, and the continuing prominence of literary precursors and a literary heritage in British cinema and television.

Apply now. DEADLINE 3/1.

Gabelli Summer Course in London

Are you a Gabelli Business student interested in taking a summer course in London?

Take a look at your options here and contact Dean Polito for more information on options for Gabelli students: mpolito6@fordham.edu.

SPAN 3990 Spanish Immersion in Spain

Instructor: Rafael Lamas - lamas@fordham.edu

This month-long program based at University of Granada offers Spanish language and upper-level Spanish literature and culture courses. Students will receive instruction at their appropriate level of linguistic competence, and will attend a number of cultural visits and one-day trips in Andalusia, including Córdoba and Sevilla.

The relevant course taken in Granada will be substituted for the correspondent level of Spanish language and/or literature at Fordham.

Apply now. DEADLINE 3/1.