Enriques Journey

By Chad Risley

The boy left behind

The boy does not understand. His mother is not talking to him. Enrique has no hint of what she is going to do. Lourdes knows. She understands, as only a mother can, the terror she is about to inflict, the ache Enrique will feel and finally the emptiness.


Enrique is bewildered. Who will take care of him now that his mother is gone? For two years, he is entrusted to his father, Luis, from whom his mother had been separated for three years. Enrique clings to his daddy, who dotes on him. A bricklayer, his father takes Enrique to work and lets him help mix mortar. They live with Enriques grandmother. His father shares a bed with him and brings him apples and clothes. every month, Enrique misses his mother less, but he does not forget her


Now Enrique's anger boils over. He refuses to make his Mothers day card at school. He begins hitting other kids. He lifts the teachers skirt. He stands on top of the teachers desk and bellow's "Who is Enrique?'