Week at a Glance


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (School Closed)


Good Citizens due to Guidance Office


PE/RA Meeting (B109)


Summative Ratings Due (Main Office)

Are you Smarter than a 5th/6th Grader?- 6:30pm-8:30pm (Cafe)

Summative Ratings are In!

Summative Ratings from the 13-14 school year for all language arts and math teachers have been placed in mailboxes. Sixth grade Sci/SS teachers received their summative rating at the end of last year. They must be signed and returned to the main office by Friday 1/23. If you would like a copy, make one before you turn it back in.

Mid-Year Meetings

We are in the process of developing a schedule for mid-year meetings. If you remember from last year's meeting we discussed your progress towards meeting your PDP goal. We will be reaching out to you to schedule a date and time for your meeting. So that you are prepared for your meeting, you will need the following:

  • Evidence of your work towards your PDP (you can upload items to the artifact library)
  • Being able to discuss your SGO status and revisions needed if necessary
  • Discussion about your Summative rating from 13-14 school year


Please make sure that you have signed your PDP from last year. There are some that needed to make revisions to their PDP and resubmit to their grade level AP for approval. There are a few teachers that simply need to sign off on their PDP because the revisions have been made. Your PDP will be a topic of discussion during your mid-year meeting and will hold up the process if not completed.

Student/Parent Issues

As Tracy continues to receive her treatments, there will be some days when she is not here. So that we can make sure that all of the issues you may have are addressed, please email both grade level AP's your issues/concerns to ensure that they are being handled.

Student Health Office Visitation

Please don't feel obligated to send students to the Health Office for minor needs such as Chapstick, bandaids, etc. They can come down at the end of the period.

Discipline Forms

Please make sure that if you have a student disciplinary issue that you want administration to be aware of, please fill out the long form. If you have a disciplinary issue that you are going to take care of you use the short form and ask the parent to sign and return it.

1/26 Morning Announcements

On 1/26 during homeroom, Debbie Flamini's video Another New Parkinson's Face will be shown in HR. There will be limited announcements so that you will have time to show the video. The video runs approximately 5 min. I will share it with you via Google Docs. Please check prior to 1/26 to make sure the video will play.