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July 31, 2020

Message from Dr. Epperson

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We are very excited to kick off this year, even if we need to do so online. Our teachers officially return next week and they will be ready to go on August 13th for the first day of school! Although we have never started a school year online, I have no doubt that our teachers will be ready to make this a great experience for our students.

I also want to officially welcome our new parents sending us 6th graders and families new to MISD. I know your students will love CMS, and we look forward to getting to know your family.

Can't wait to see everyone again!

Dr. E

Laptops, School Supply Packs, Classroom Supplies

On the following dates, we will distribute laptops that haven't been picked up, pre-purchased school supply packs, and specific classroom supplies. If your child is enrolled in a course that will require a supply pick-up, the teacher will contact you. More details coming next week.

August 10th from 4:30pm-6:00pm.

August 11 from 4:30pm-6:00pm.

After August 11th OR if these times won't work, Please contact our Media Resource Specialist to schedule a time to pick up your laptop at CMS.

If you lose the laptop set-up instructions you were given, you can find them HERE.

2020-2021 School Registration

Parents of returning students have received an email with a unique link to access the registration process for this school year. If you haven't seen the email, please check your spam folder. Every student must register for the school year. Please complete this process by August 13th so we have your most up to date contact information when school starts. If you can't find the email, please email our registrar, Mrs. Lafferty.

Not Returning to CMS?

If you are not planning to return to Cockrill this year, please help us by contacting our school registrar, Mrs. Lafferty with this information.

Nurse News

Welcome back! First, I want to introduce myself--my name is Jessica Green (Nurse Jessica) and I am the new school nurse here at Cockrill! I am so excited to work with your students this year and can’t wait to meet everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and are ready to get back to school, although I know it is not going to look like what everyone is used to in the past. Rest assured, MISD Health Services are changing and implementing protocols to maintain the health and wellbeing of our students.

A couple of reminders...

  1. **7th GRADERS**: If you are a 7th grader and have not updated your immunizations, please get that documentation to the Cockrill Clinic as soon as you are able. Please see below how to contact Nurse Jessica.

  1. HEALTH CONCERNS: If you are a parent of a student with a health concern, please make sure you complete the health history form online when registering your student for the new school year, and also contact me in the clinic directly. This is important to update every year, so we appreciate you taking the time to do so.

  1. MEDICATION AT SCHOOL: Please keep in mind that MISD has a No Tolerance policy regarding medication possession. Students are not to carry medication of any kind at any time (except inhalers/epi-pens with specific written MD and parental consent). All medications administered at school must be brought to the clinic by the parent or guardian, stored in the clinic and the MISD medication administration form completed. Please contact the nurse if you will be needing medication at school when we get back on campus so that I can send you the necessary paperwork, and we can set up an appointment for you to drop it off before in-person instruction begins.

Please contact Nurse Jessica at the info below for any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting you and your kids!

Thank you!

Jessica Green, RN, BSN

Cockrill Middle School Nurse

Clinic phone: 469-302-7906

Back to School Night

We have planned a virtual CMS Back to School Night for our students.

Print your schedule from Home Access Center (HAC) on August 10th. At 5:00pm check out our Back to School Website. You can see a quick video from your teacher and any information they want to share with you at this time.

How does my child access his/her school schedule in HAC?

Your child’s schedule will be viewable in the Home Access Center (HAC) on August 10th. Please print your child’s schedule and have it available in their work space at home.

*If you have a question about your child’s schedule after August 10th, your assigned

counselor is your point of contact. Email is the easiest way to make initial contact with


*Sometimes students have to make choices if the schedule does not allow them to take every specialized course they prefer. Priority for schedule changes is given to academic course levels errors or actual schedule errors (missing a course).

Counselor contact information is listed below.

Need your HAC log in information?

If you need your HAC log in, please email Mrs. Lafferty for that information. Use an email account currently listed in our system to help us verify your identity. In order to keep your child's information secure, we can't provide HAC information over the phone.

CMS Bell Schedule (Virtual Learning)

Students will follow their schedules in HAC. Students will log into virtual classes in Canvas at the beginning of each period of the day. Teachers will be present to take role and teach the lesson for the day. The teacher will be available for the duration of the period, but may allow students to disconnect from the Zoom meeting to work independently or complete an activity when appropriate. Teachers will post the bell schedule on Canvas as well for easy access. Unlike last Spring, Zoom links will be integrated in Canvas for each course. This will make navigation much simpler for students.
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What is Club CREED?

Club CREED is a course on every child's schedule. This is the CMS advisory course which gives our students and staff a unique opportunity to practice team building, develop positive relationships, learn helpful social skills, monitor academic progress and promote our school's pillars of character development. These include:

Courage, Respect, Empathy, Excellence, and Determination.

Club CREED will meet after 1st period each day. Classes will be assigned by grade level, so grade levels will not be mixed. Our teachers have modified the curriculum so this course continues to benefit students during our weeks of virtual instruction. Students will log into this course every day.

Digital Learning Q&A (August 13-September 2)

What will the instructional day look like?

Students will receive their course schedules on August 10th in HAC. Students will follow the regular CMS Bell schedule and log into courses at the correct time via Canvas.

Teachers will provide live instruction via zoom and course materials will be provided in Canvas. There are a number of platforms teachers have access to that will promote a great learning experience for the students. Teachers will acclimate students as necessary to each tool used in learning, just as we would in a traditional classroom. Students will need to have video on during the duration of the class or until the teacher asks them to turn it off.

I can't find the laptop instructions provided at pick-up.

If you lose the laptop set-up instructions you were given, you can find them HERE.

Where will students access lessons?

All instructional materials will be in Canvas, which is our digital learning platform for middle school. Students log in through Single Sign On (SSO) using the unique password they created when they set up their new student MacBook.

Will teachers take attendance?

Yes.Teachers will take attendance each class period. An absence in any period constitutes a school absence just like a regular school year.

What if my student needs to be absent from a class or miss a full day of school?

Please document the absence with the school just as you would during a regular school year. Doctor’s notes and parent notes may be sent to

What if my child has forgotten his/her password?

If a student needs help during this time, we ask that they email Students should email their name, student id, campus, telephone number and a detailed description of the problem. Technology Staff will strive to support the students over the phone or by remote control.

What if we need help accessing some of the resources available?

Mrs. Scott, our Media Resource Specialist, has developed this Google Slides presentation to help you. It is divided into sections by topic to help you navigate more easily. Access that help HERE.

What if my family needs WiFi?

The information for securing WiFI access is below. Families must contact the provider and secure service if needed.

Provider/Plan Price per month Eligibility

AT&T "Access" $10 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Charter Spectrum "Internet Assist" $14.99 National School Lunch Program (NSLP), Social Security (SSI)

Frontier "Lifeline discount" $21 Enrolled in Lifeline program

Grande "Internet First" $9.95 Low-income (e.g. SNAP, Housing Assistance, etc.)

Sparklight COVID19 Relief $10 for 3 months No documentation required for sign up

Suddenlink Altice Advantage Internet $14.99 National School Lunch Program (NSLP) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Xfinity "Comcast Essentials" $9.95 Low-income (e.g. SNAP, Housing Assistance, etc.)

How will my student’s class assignments be graded?

Students will receive traditional percentage grades on assignments. These grades will be recorded and parents can view them in HAC.

My child has an IEP or 504 Plan. Will committees continue to meet as scheduled?

We will conduct any regular annual 504 or IEP meetings. Case managers will be in touch if it is time to schedule a meeting. The teachers are prepared to implement the IEP and 504 plans currently in place. If the case manager needs to discuss a plan regarding an individual students, they will make contact. We are prepared with digital tools as well as our full special education staff to support each student.

How do parents contact the teacher?

Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher via email if you have questions. The teacher will email back or give you a call if that is more appropriate.

How do we access support from a school counselor?

Our CMS counselors are available via email or phone and they are ready to support you as needed.

Student Last Name A-G Ms. Helm 469-302-7961

Student Last Name H-O Ms. Hoover 469-302-7963

Student Last Name P-Z Ms. Starnes 469-302-7962

CMS Contacts

You can reference the contact information below for questions regarding specific programs or services.

Durham Bus Services 972-542-8316

CMS Front Office, 469-302-7900

School Registrar/Attendance, Becky Lafferty 469-302-7914

Nurse, Jessica Green 469-302-7906

Secretary to the Principal, Sandra Carter 469-302-7918

Secretary to 504 Coordinators, Rosa Jou 469-302-7913

Secretary to Assistant Principals, Susie Teel 469-302-7878

Assistant Principal (A-G) Stewart Herrington 469-302-7876

Assistant Principal (H-O) Melanie Machost 469-302-7987

Assistant Principal (P-Z), Jennifer Zornes 469-302-7877

Secretary to Counselors Julie Dudek 469-302-7960

Counselor (A-G) Christal Helm 469-302-7961

Counselor (H-O) Tana Hoover 469-302-7963

Counselor (P-Z), Courtney Starnes 469-302-7962

Special Education Lead, Lori Bell 469-302-7975

Gifted and Talented Services, Please contact your designated counselor

Boys Physical Education, Austin Kincaid, 469-302-7888

Girls Physical Education, Amanda De La Garza 469-302-7925

Boys Athletic Coordinator, Jack Holt 469-302-7926

Girls Athletic Coordinator, Amanda De La Garza 469-302-77925

Band, Kyle Wiechmann 469-302-7933

Choir, Dorrie Seamans 469-302-7924

Drama, Sarah Fox, 469-302-7932

Orchestra, John Powelson 469-302-7893

Cheerleading, Michelle Wandersee 469-302-7857

AVID, Michelle Rumley 469-302-7867

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