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Why Join the O'Chalky team?

O Chalky is an amazing NEW company that just launched March 1st. This company is growing exponentially by the day, and because of this growth things are changing by the minute, which makes every day an exciting day.

O'Chalky vs. Plaster of Paris and other chalk paints

O'chalky can be used with any color latex or acrylic paints and requires less paint than with a plaster of paris mix. With other chalk paints you are limited to the colors that are available, with O'chalky the options are endless.

Feed that inner DIY'er in YOU

Have fun leading classes, upcycling old treasures or showing off O'Chalky products at art fairs. These are all ways to make some extra cash when joining this BRAND NEW COMPANY.

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Contact us to Join or purchase the patent pending "that chalky mix"