Model T

By Takoda Blair and Josh Brogan

Why go for any thing different when you can go for a Model T?

Model T (what was it)?

Also known as the Tin Lizzie or the Flivver. The Model T was offered in many differant body styles there was a 5 seat, a 2 seat, and a 7 seat Model T's. The Model T had an 20 horsepower engine that made the Model T go 40 to 45 miles per hour. The Model T was started by a crank that was hand controlled, then that was how the magneto activated the flywheel but then in the 1920's they start to come out with battery operated starters. Foot pedals where the way they drove the Model T unlike todays vehicles where they are mostly lever controlled and have sliding gear transmission. The gas tank was located underneath the driver's seat because the gas entered the motor by gravity and the reverse gears were more stonger than the forward gears. The Model T was a four cylinder engine and weighed 1200 lbs the Model T got 13 to 21 mile per gallon of gasoline. The Model T was (Stanley) in the Cars movie.

When and Where.

Was biult by Ford Motor Company from 1908 until 1927.

Who made the Model T.

It was invented by Henry Ford. More than 15 million Model T's were made in Detroit and highland park.

How was it built.

Making the first assembly-line production. It took 14 hours to assemble a Model T. By improving mass production methods, Ford reduced this to one hour 33 minutes.
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Model T

Henry Ford in a Model T

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  • No one belived that the Model T would work so Henry Ford biult it by his self.
  • It's top speed was 45 mph.
  • It got 13 to 21 mpg
  • It weighed 1,200 pounds
  • Was sold at most $850 at lest $260
  • The reasan model t's were black because black dried fastest
  • The Model T is not the first car made

Dose anyone have any qustions?