Relationships! Relationships!

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"The world of mathematics opens up a world that you would have never imagined when you take advantage of the possibilities it opens to you whether it be seeing the beauty in things or opening up more lifelong opportunities "

So much of teaching our Bluford STEM students is building relationships with them. A lot of times our students just want to know that you care. I have seen some of our awesome STEM Educators go to a students football game in the past, dance recitals, lego competitions and so much more. It can be as simple as sitting and eat lunch with a student or asking how they are doing. Treat them as you would like someone to treat your niece, nephew or child.

Shout Out to our 1st Grade Team of Ms. Harmon, Ms. Carroll and Ms. Osborne! They are getting acclimated to our Bluford STEM School. These STEM Educators created a skittles science experiment in their classroom and their word sort through guided reading was great! Way to Ms. Harmon, Ms. Carroll and Ms. Osborne!

Shout Out to Ms. Alexander,Ms. Swepson, Ms, Humphrey, our parent volunteers and our STEM Educators for a wonderful Title I event on Thursday night. What a great night! It was a great way to connect with our students, parents and community. Way to go Ms. Alexander, Ms. Swepson, Ms. Humphrey and our parent volunteers and our STEM Educators.

Shout OUT to Ms. Webb, Ms. Bass and Ms. Naomi Donnell! We started our first test of the year and our 3rd grade were the lucky team to receive it. Ms. Webb was stellar in her first State test of her young teaching career and Ms. Bass continued her STEM excellence with an awesome testing session. Ms.Donnell continued to make testing a smooth time for our STEM Educators. Way to Ms. Webb, Ms. Bass and Ms. Donnell.

Shout OUT to Ms. Cindy Donnell, Ms. Shue, Ms. Soloman and Ms. Spence! Our Kindergarten Team did an amazing job during their Science Lesson. These STEM Educators are teaching plants and animals in science! They did a great lesson teaching life cycle of a frog to our Kindergarten students. Way to go Ms. Cindy Donnell, Ms. Shue, Ms. Soloman and Ms. Spence.

Shout OUT to Mr. Price! Mr. Price loaded our laminator paper in our laminator! Our laminator is a tricky machine; please if you have not or do not know how to use it properly, please just leave whatever you needed laminated in an envelope. Someone will laminate it for you. We want to ensure that our laminator last throughout the school year! Way to go Mr. Price.

Shout OUT to Ms. Powers! Ms. Powers is our GCS Internal Communicator! If you have any great things that you think are happening at our school,please send an email to Ms. Powers or myself with a short narrative and pictures and/or videos; always remembering to copy Principal Lockhart in all of your communications; capturing special moments in your classroom or at our school. Way to go Ms. Powers