IPS Quiz

4.9 - Acidification Lab (Two Gases Lab included)

Acid Rain and Global Warming

1. Gases dissolved in our atmosphere (all of these gases create an acidic solution):

• CO2

• Sulfur dioxide

• Hydrogen chloride

2. Carbonic acid = dissolved CO2

3. Sulfur Dioxide = "acid rain" (kill forest, pollute water- river, lake, pond, etc.)

• volcanoes

• industrial pollution


1. Limestone = porous (holds H2O), soft, soluble in H2O (carbonic acid)

2. Florida sinkholes occur because:

• lost of limestone

• water underground (aquafer)

• once covered with ocean = soft calcium deposits (dead animals)

Sulfuric Acid Notes

1. Discovered in the 8th century by Alchemist = Alchemy ("chemistry")

• Alchemists wanted to make gold out of rocks

2. Uses:

• lead acid batteries (cars)

• fertilizers

• steel industry = prevents rust corrosion

• dried fruit production (hydrotropic)

Magnesium Carbonate and Acid

Magnesium and Acid

Phenol Red

1. Ph indicator

• red = basic

• clear = acid

Acidification Post-Lab

1. Phenol red changes color as you add CO2 into H2O

2. The CO2 turns to carbonic acid lowering the ph of the H2O

3. Calcium tablet is more soluble in cup with straw

4. Because the carbonic acid lowers ph and dissolves calcium faster