Introduction to A Doll's House

A WebQuest for KAPS English World Literature


You will complete a WebQuest today on necessary background information to A Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen.

Please view the websites listed and answer the corresponding questions. You will write your answers on the handout given to you; all questions have been posted on this webpage for convenience. . This is an independent project; please use your time wisely and stay focused on your work only.

Background on Norway

Henrik Ibsen was born in Norway. Visit the following URL and answer the questions about his native country. Please visit the following link and answer the corresponding questions on your handout.

1) Of what continent is Norway part?

2) What is the capital of Norway?

3) What 3 countries are to the East?

4) Why is nearly the entire country green in color?

5) Describe Norway’s climate in full and complete sentences.

Please view this (somewhat silly) student-provided video on Ibsen's background

A Short History Of Henrik Ibsen

Ibsen's Background

Please read the following online articles and answer the corresponding questions.

6) When and where was Ibsen born?

7) His plays show __________; therefore, he is known as the Father of Modern Drama.

8) What do you think realism is?

9) Who literary elements tat Ibsen excels in are:

10) Give ONE adjective (description word) to describe the first 40 years of Ibsen's life. Give at least one piece of evidence from your reading that supports the adjective you chose.



11) List 3 characteristics of his plays.

12) Why were his plays considered scandalous?

Preview Video of Henrick Ibsen's A Doll's House

Official A Doll's House Trailer

Please Read the Following PDF's%20House/A%20Doll%E2%80%99s%20House%20intro%20powerpoint.pdf

13) What are the major themes of A Doll's House?

14) Why is the ending of this play so different than other plays of the time?

Finally, in your notebooks, write down the Character Development Terminology. You will need this in future classes.

When you are finished...

You may turn your work into the substitute teacher and revise or (peer) edit your 2nd draft of your Argumentative Essay. For help, please visit my website: