The Cure Gone Wrong

Not everything is what it seems

Carolyn Hax: Concerned Friend Advice colum

Dear Carolyn Hax:

I am worried about my best friend. She has been sneaking out at night and always being to busy to hangout with me for no reason. She also more happier now a day. Sometimes I see her walking with this guy. All of this lead me to think she is infected. what should i do? Should I confront her about it our just leave it alone?

Concerned Best friend (Lena)

Concerned Best Friend;

I can see that you really care about your friend and want her to do right in life. That brings me to think you should ask her about the guy because then you will be helping her not get in trouble and turn her from wrong.

Can love change you?

Go watch the movie deliruim after the book by Lauren oliver. A cure was made to keep people from falling in love, Lena Halloway,Played by Nina Dobre has loved the thought of getting the cure, but you cant get the cure until you are 18.Which is a problem for Lena because she is only 17. Lena has been counting the days down until her 18 birthday because She has always wanted to become a successful person in life. She wanted to excel her evaluations, go to college and have her husband picked for her. When a guy comes into her life does she still agree with the cure? If you watch this movie you will see how Lena Halloway changes her opinion on the cure.

"I love you remember and they cannot take it." ~ Lauren Oliver

The day has come

On evaluation, everybody and Aunt Carol went crazy. Lena Halloway practiced her posture, how she talked and saying facts about herself. After Lena's Hair was put up and she was dressed in nice clothes Aunt Carol and Lena left the house and started walking to the evaluations. This caused Lena to be extra nervous than before. She was scared about messing up or answering a question a wrong way. Finally after walking a long way they had Finally arrived. When they arrived they got in line and waited to enter the building. Hana Tate showed up gorgeous as always and then joined them. After 40 more people they had made it in the building and started their evaluations. then boom out of no where cows started attacking the building, but there was this one guy laughing on a table. Who is this mystery man.
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Helped Wanted

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