Reforming America

By:Jerel Campbell


This is the movement to ban alcohol in the U.S. because citizens feel like it's linked to sickness, poverty, domestic violence and break up of families. The American Temperance Society was the biggest supporter of this movement.

Turner's Rebellion

Nat Turner was tired of being mistreated by slave owners so he started a violent campaign with 50 other slaves and they killed 60 white people before they were executed


Education wasn't a big concern around this time period until Horace Mann improved curriculum, doubled funds and established teacher training programs.

Prisons and Mentally Ill

Dorothea Dix wanted to create separate facilities for prisoners and mentally ill. By the time of her death, 100 facilities were established in the U.S.

1820's Abolitionist Movement

Arose a Abolitionist Movement to free African-Americans from slavery. William LLoyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass wrote anti-slavery newspapers. Frederick Douglass was once a slave him self.