Saint Kateri School's Weekly Newsletter ~ October 21, 2020


Principal Newsletter

Hello Saint Kateri School families,

Happy Canonization Day of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha! Did you know that Saint Kateri was the first Native American saint and she has only been a saint for 8 years? Our 5th graders do ~ they planned and held the Saint Kateri Prayer Service this morning for our SKS students. They did a great job. Thank you to Mrs. Cleary and Mrs. Schreiber for all your time in helping prepare them so well.

This week we are holding our Virtual Curriculum Night Zoom Meetings. Meeting links were sent out to all families from our classroom teachers. Thank you for support in attending these meetings ~ it means so much to our teachers to know that you value the work they are doing to support your children and that you are vested in the partnership between the classroom and the home. If you were unable to attend, please reach our to your child's teacher for the information that was shared.

Are you interested in helping with Marketing Saint Kateri School? I would love to talk to you about ways you can get involved in this very important position. The Department of Catholic Schools is also holding a Zoom meeting to help those interested ~ I always learn so much by attending these meetings with Cause Collaborative. Contact me if you want to join me ~

An informational flyer was sent home with all children for the 1st Annual Trunk and Treat sponsored by Cub Scout Pack #233, Saint Kateri School and Saint Kateri Parish. Families will be able to drive around our campus, stopping at trunks along the way to gather treats. This is sure to be a fun event for any family in the community! See flyer below ~

Red Ribbon Week begins on Monday (flyer sent home today and can also be found below). It is a fun week learning about healthy habits, physically and mentally ~

Thank you for all you are doing to support your children and our school!

Peace and Light!

Mrs. Terri L. Morgan, Principal


Phone: (585) 467-8730

Wednesday Communication papers sent home included:

  • STARS ~ SKS Family - School Community Project ~ Construction paper stars are going home today for you to write your HOPES for the new year. Return them to school when you are finished and we will display them in the main foyer.

Reminders from the Main Office

  • Please return your signed Halloween Costume guideline form if your child would like to participate in dressing up on October 30th.
  • Every family needs to "confirm" their information in Pick Up Patrol (PUP). Please do this ASAP if you have not already
  • Please return your "How Can You Help Your School? form (included below and sent home in paper form today)
  • We are still waiting on some Save Around books to be returned

Upcoming Calendar Dates:


  • 10:21: Saint Kateri Prayer Service at 9:00am
  • 10/27: Quiet Mass at 9:00am: 3rd/K
  • 10/30: Halloween Parade 9:00am


  • 11/3: School Mass at 9:00am **This is a in-school learning day
  • 11/4: Parent's Association (6:00-7:30)
  • 11/6: 1st quarter ends
  • 11/6: Pie orders are DUE to school
  • 11/10: Quiet Mass at 9:00am: 5th/2nd
  • 11/11: NO SCHOOL Veteran's Day
  • 11:11: Online Hot Lunch ordering begins
  • 11/17: Quiet Mass at 9:00am: 4th/1st
  • 11/18: Online Hot Lunch ordering ends at 9:30am
  • 11/21: Curb side Pie Order pick up ~ 10:00-4:00 (Back Gym/Parish Center doors)
  • 11/23: Half Day Dismissal (Preschool-11:00, K-5-11:30)
  • 11/23: Parent Teacher Conferences (12:00-7:00pm)
  • 11/24: Half Day Dismissal (Preschool-11:00, K-5-11:30)
  • 11/24: Parent Teacher Conferences (12:00-3:00pm)
  • 11/25-11/27: NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Recess


  • 12/1: Hot Lunch begins

Parent's Association

The form below is being sent home today with your child. Please fill it out and let us know how you will be able to share your time and talents this year to support our school! There are many ways and suggestions, but we did leave a spot for you to add your own ideas :)

Pick Up Patrol (PUP)

Pick Up Patrol (PUP)

Daily Health Certifications for your child have begun and we have many families already going into the PUP program to do their child's health screening each morning. Please take the time to go into PUP and learn the steps to complete your health certification each day. Car Line teachers will be asking to see your child's "Green" ~ All Set to go!

Please remember:

  • ... to place your Car Sign in your front window so that the Bus Teachers can see it from afar. It makes it easier when we are looking to call students from the hallway or the gym to be dismissed from the building.

Thank you!

Adding PUP to your IPhone or Android

The PickUp Patrol web cloud is not downloaded from an app store. You simply add it to your phone’s home screen following the instructions for your phone type and browser below.


· Open in Safari.

· Tap the “share/send” icon on the bottom menu bar (rectangle with an “up” arrow).

· Choose “Add to Home" (you may need to scroll right/left or further down to see this icon).

· Rename the page with something short like "PickUp Patrol” or “PUP".

· Click ADD in the top right corner.


· PUP works in Chrome, but we recommend you use Safari to add PUP to your home screen.


· Open in Chrome.

· Tap on the 3 dots on the top right.

· Scroll down and tap on “Add to Home Screen”.


· Open in Chrome

· Tap on the Menu button. The appearance of the Menu button will depend on your device—usually it's a button that looks like three horizontal lines stacked on top of each other, or it could be accessed through a hardware button on your phone.

· Tap "Add to Home Screen".


· Open in Edge.

· In the Ellipsis menu (lower right corner), choose “Add to Home Screen”.

· Select “Add” and “OK” after the prompts.

· Choose “Add to Home".


· Open in Firefox.

· Press the Menu button (either below the screen on some devices or at the top-right corner of the browser), then tap on “Page”.

· Tap “Add Page Shortcut”, Your shortcut should now appear on your home screen.

Tip: If you want to change the label on your shortcut, bookmark that page first, then change its title on the Edit Bookmark window. On the Bookmarks panel, do a long tap on that site and choose “Add Page Shortcut”.

Note: PickUp Patrol DOES NOT work with Internet Explorer.

COVID Chronicles

Update from Dr. Mendoza and the Monroe County Department of Health

After NYS released the PK-12 Toolbox, with updated guidelines and expectations, the MCDOH worked on clarifying the specifics for our region.

In short:

  • There is clarification on "new or worsening" symptoms. Knowing that your child has allergies, and having documentation as such, flags allergy symptoms as not "new". Earlier guidance prohibited any student with one or more COVID-19 symptoms to go to school regardless of whether the symptom was common for that student (i.e. nasal congestion during allergy season) Now, with proper documentation and communication with our nurse or Main Office staff, students will be able to attend school. If you are not sure if the symptom your child is experiencing is "new or worsening", then they will need to be seen by a health care professional.
  • "Symptomatic ( new or worsening symptoms) students MUST consult with a health care provider AND receive an alternate diagnosis OR negative test result within 48 hours of symptom onset. Students and staff members who do not meet these criteria will be placed in isolation as though they received a positive result." Any student falling under this scenario need to be reported to MCDPH.
  • Students can see a health care professional in the office, through a Telemed appointment or at an Urgent Care facility

PK-12 Toolbox for students returning to school with COVID-19 symptoms

Red Ribbon Week Calendar of Events

A paper copy is going home today with your child ~

Trunk and Treat!

Saturday, October 30, 2020 around the the school and church.

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