Taylor Kiel

Dolphin Facts

Dolphins, scientists say, are the most smartest intelligent animal in the ocean blue. They make many kinds of clicks and whistles to communicate with different dolphins. Dolphins can swim up to about 20-25 miles per hour, that’s fast! Dolphins do not have a sense of smell, but they have a great sense of hearing. Dolphins eat a lot of different kinds of food like squid and other kinds of fish. There are over 40 different kinds of river dolphins and ocean dolphins in the world. That is some information about dolphins.

Dolphin Facts

A little bit more about dolphins

The fin on the top of dolphins are called the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin helps dolphins float and have buoyancy. The fins on their side are called the pectoral fins, which help dolphins steer like a car, and the fins on their tail are called the flukes which help them swim. Dolphins live in pods up to 15 dolphins or less. They eat 200 pounds of fish every day, WOW!! Like I said, dolphins are most likely the smartest animal that lives underwater. That is some information about dolphins.