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Plutonium bombing Aug. 9, 1945


The recent nuclear bombings in Japan was a shock all across the world. What will we do next. The government wants people to be informed on these nuclear war machines.

Information on Plutonium

The explosive element.

Plutonium is an element founded by G.T Seaborg in 1940. Or known as Pu on the periodic table. It's a silvery white solid with a melting point of 1,184 F. How does this element destroy civilization you ask? Well, the plutonium is put in the bomb and when the shell hits the ground it releases an energy by splitting the nuclei plutonium. The isotope used is Plutonium-239. That the was chosen because they readily undergo fission. What's Fission you ask? Fission happens when a neutron hits the nucleus and breaks it in half, releasing the energy of the bomb causing destruction.

The Fat man

The Fat man was the name of the bomb that fell on Nagasaki last week. The bomb included 20,000 tons of Tnt. The bomb had a subcritical layer of plutonium was placed in the center of the hollow sphere of high explosive, also known to the government as (HE).

Information on Plutonium.

The atomic number is 94. The atomic mass is 244. There's 94 protons, 150 neutrons, and 94 electrons. The electron configuration is 7 shells. It can be currently found in earths crust, seawater, atmosphere, and the sun. It is metal and very radioactive. It is used for bombs, power reactors, and future space missions. According to the periodic table, there is two electrons in the outermost shell. It is in group Actinoid, and period seven. This is the basic information on Plutonium.
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