Perseverance or Adversity?

By: Reagan Westbrook

Rudy Got his Chance Because of Determination

Rudy Ruettiger had always wanted to play professional football. When he was young he would play football with his older siblings and cousins. Rudy had tried really hard to get into Notre Dame do that, but he didn't have good enough grades to do that. When his best friend Petey died Rudy was more determined to follow his dreams. Soon after his friends death Rudy had pushed it into high gear to get his grades on track. Rudy had turned something bad into something he could learn from. To help Rudy get a lay of the land he had volunteered to do work for free just so he could raise his chances playing football for the Notre Dame team. When Rudy had saw that his grades were good he submitted an application for Notre Dame. When he got the letter back that had told him that he didn't make it Rudy was sad at first, but that didn't stop him. Rudy kept working on getting into college. He sent in one application after another until they accepted him.

From The Movie: Rudy

How you Overcome Adversity

Many people face adversity in their everyday lives. Some people don't know how to face their problem. They just end up quitting, and give up on perseverance. This is how you face this problem.The first step is to address the problem you might be facing. It is not good to ignore the feelings that your facing. You should get it all out of your system. The second step is to try to fix the problem. Anything that is going wrong could be fixable. You just need to think of a nice way to make you feel how you used to feel. The final step is to surround yourself with positive people. Your friends and family can help you with your problems. Even if you don't want the help you should take it. That's how you can overcome your adversity. Nothing is impossible.

She Overcame Her Situation

Charline Powell was overweight and wanted to make her own exercise workout place. She was denied by business professionals. As she was denied by those people her business had then started to become successful. Before she was successful Charline had tried to become her own instructor. She had studies and observed other people. Her rejection had made her more determined. She made videos, clothing and stores. Charline had worked to follow her dreams and got what she wanted to get done.

From Unstoppable: Exercising Per Vision

This is What it Took

Maxi Filler is one of many people who persevered. It had all started when Maxi Filler decided that he was going to take the bar exam. After he had took the exam he had found out that he didn't pass. Since he didn't pass he couldn't find a good job. Him failing the exam only made him more determined. He said "Every time I fail that exam it only makes me want to do better." He went by that quote. He took the bar exam over and over again. He took the test 47 times. On his 48th time he had finally passed. Failing made him better in what he was doing.

From Unstoppable: If at First You Can't Succeed Try, Try 47 Times