we made it

...yes we're alive!

Arrival in Singapore

The journey was long for every man, woman and puppy involved, but we made it! We're getting settled into our new home, our new routine and the Asia-Pacific office. We are thrilled to be back in Singapore and enjoying this new adventure in our personal and professional lives. So... when can we expect a visit?

A little layover in the Netherlands - unfortunately, not Anthony Bourdain style...

Gone, but not forgotten................ we hope :)

Erin's Contact Details

You can call me at 402.241.8030 and it'll forward to my mobile in Singapore! Woo hoo!


US number -> Skype -> Singapore Mobile

402.509.5092 -> jeffrey.meese -> +65 8722.6303

oh yeah, that number goes to my Singapore cell, so please be aware of the time :)

iMessage/Facetime- jtmeese@gmail.com or +65 8722.6303

WhatsApp - Jeffrey Meese

Snail Mail

Want to send us amazing treats and beautiful gifts? Or maybe just a postcard from wherever you may be... or better yet, come for a visit!

8 Suffolk Walk

Viva #28-11

Singapore 307465