I am Emerson!

A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.

Who Am I?

I have a well balanced self-esteem.

I vaule Adventure, Lolalty and Self-repect. I love to work with animals and I enjoy people who are entertaining and will go exploring at any time. I like to mountain bike and going hiking just to explore the woods and have an awesome time! I learn easiest by repeating it, over and over. I am skilled in sports and many things.

"Why should all these things be concidered in deciding on a carrer?"

I think they should be considered because , "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life."

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I Want to be a Zoologist!

Zoologist study the habit and charecteristics of animals.

Annual wage: 57,430

The OutLook is supposed to increase by 7% from 2010 to 2020. Slower than most jobs.

Zoology is in the Life, Phyiscal and Socail Science cluster.

Most Zoologist work full time. Sometimes having irregular hours if doing fieldwork.

They work out in wilderness sometimes and some times just at an office desk.

Something intersting about zoology is you never know what your gonnna find. You might even find a new species one day.