4C News

Monday, December 17, 2019

Music Reminders

Instruments will need to come to school on Tuesday this week for ensembles only. There are NO LESSONS on Wednesday due to the concerts.

The kids in chorus will perform on Wednesday in two school day concerts and the evening performance. Singers are expected to be dressed in concert attire for the daytime performances as well as the evening concert.

Ornament Workshop

We are excited for Thursday. Please be sure that your child doesn't wear his/her best clothes as they will be painting. Parent volunteers, I'll have materials prepped and I'll be in contact before Thursday!


We'll be partying Friday to celebrate the holidays. Thank you in advance for signing up to send in food and supplies. We are still looking for a few parents to send in crackers, cheese, and drink boxes. Please click in the link below to help us out!


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We made it! We have battled through Module 3 and now the kids can successfully multiply 2-digit by 2-digit numbers, divide with a 4-digit dividend and a 1-digit divisor, check their division, and also consider remainders when answering word problems. That’s a lot of learning for one unit! The plan is to review for the assessment today and then test tomorrow. The kids will bring home a review packet on tonight. Please check that over together. On Friday, we also reviewed the December CML and November MO. These competitions will come home on Friday. Be sure to look them over. The kids are learning how important it is to fully read the questions. Keep those Exit Ticket corrections coming my way


PAWS ~ Well, we had so many awesome interruptions last week, that the goal is to just get the newest assignment done and turned in this week. Some kids have already turned their assignments in.

Picture Book Friday ~ Tara read us Miss Brooks Loves Books! (and I don't). She used great intonation while reading to us and that definitely keeps the audience focused. The kids were able to come up with a few different themes. My favorite one was "don't ever give up, eventually something positive will happen." Glacier is up for Friday!


I got a new phone over the weekend and I'm struggling to get pictures into the newsletter. I'll work on that this week and get Tara's and Glacier's pictures out before the holiday.