The Spanish-American War

By:Lauren Sailor

Why did the United States go to war against Spain in 1898, and why was the outcome significant?

Many events caused the United States to go to war against Spain. The Cuban revolt was one of the reasons the U.S. went to war. The Roll of the press had a big impact on the U.S. going to war. Also de Lome Letter and the USS Maine had a part in the reasons why the U.S. went to war with Spain. The outcome of the war was significant because the United States became a world power with overseas possessions.

Cuban Revolt

I think the accuracy of these stories is false. People put tens of thousands of Cubans into reconcentration camps. I think the is terrible because you are putting people in camps just because of what they believe in. Putting this in the news and telling people that this going on is a bad idea because it will cause people to believe that these are bad people and they deserve this. But they don't deserve to be in a camp just because of what they believe in. People may think it is a good idea to tell people about these camps because it will scare them to the point in which they wont speak out for what they believe in.
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The de Lome Letter and the USS Maine

The de Lome Letter was a letter written by Enrique Dupuy de Lome, the Spanish ambassador to Washington. The letter was meant to be sent to a friend in Cuba but was stolen from the mail and sent to the New York Journal for publication. The letter called out President McKinley it called him," weak and catering to the rabble and, besides a low politician." American got offended by this letter because it was saying bad thing s about their President. Not to long after the letter was published the USS Maine a battleship sank in Havana harbor. Right away people saw this as a response from the letter. Americans immediately blamed Spain for the blowing up of the USS Maine because they where already so heated up about the de Lome Letter.
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War with Spain

The war lasted only a few months but had a big impact. On may 1, just the day after the declaration of war, Dewey's squadron steamed into Manila Bay and opened fire on the Spanish fleet. The fleet was completely destroyed. No ships were lost and Dewey only suffered with a few battle casualties. Fighting upraised in Cuba many volunteers fought with the U.S. forces, including Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. The most important part of the war took place in San Juan Hill, outside of Santiago.
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Political Cartoon

William Jennings Bryan, the short one with the Ax, argued that the Philippines should be independent. President McKinley,the one trying to keep the flag up, declared that the American control was needed to keep law and order.
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