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Morning Quick Write

I'm Bored


By:Tyrell Grigsby

One day I was playing a game and how that game was made they forgot to add a little fun to it. I mean really, like we don’t want to play a game that is boring. At the beginning of the game I already started to fall asleep. I asked my friends” Can we play a different game this one is very boring”. They agreed with me.

We stared a new game and it is called Hide And Go Seek. This was a very fun game. When I was little I played this game all the time and never got bored of it. When he got to saying the rules I just went to hide. I found a spot just my size that I know he will never find me. After six minuets I was so bored.” Maybe this is not the game I was hoping for” I said in my mind.

There is now one more game that I know that is not boring. You don’t have to wait or anything like that you can just go an get the ball. The is soccer. But I forgot that my friend is faster than a cheetah going it’s fastest. In one minute he scored eleven points already, I only had to. I guess there is no game that is not boring to me.