Presidents Between 1901-2001

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Theodore Roosevelt

First Lady: Edith Carrow

Vice President: Charles W. Fairbanks

Age: 61

From: New York, New York.

Career: Lawyer

School: Harvard

Terms: 2

Setting: Industrial Revolution; Final Years

Contribution: Leading the Rough Riders

William H. Taft

First Lady: Helen Herron

Vice President: James S. Sherman

Age: 73

From: Cincinatti, Ohio

Career: Lawyer

School: Yale, Cincinnati Law

Terms: 1

Setting: Post-Trust-Busting Era

Contribution: Only Person to Hold Both the Highest Judicial and Legislative Positions.

Woodrow Wilson

First Lady: Ellen Axson, Edith Galt

Vice President: Thomas R. Marshall

Age: 68

From: Staunton, Virginia

Career: Professor

School: Princeton

Terms: 2

Setting: Pre-WWI, Along with Aftermath

Contribution: Keeping the U.S. out of the beginning of WWI, but Leading it Through the End.

Warren G. Harding

First Lady: Florence Kling DeWolfe

Vice President:

Age: 58

From: Blooming Grove, Ohio

Career: Editor-Publisher

School: Ohio Central

Terms: 1

Setting: Post-WWI Era

Contribution: Known as one of the Worst Presidents of All-Time

Calvin Coolidge

First Lady: Grace Goodhue

Vice President: Charles G. Dawes

Age: 61

From: Plymouth Notch, Vermont

Career: Lawyer

School: Amherst College

Terms: 2

Setting: Death of Warren Harding

Contribution: Great Depression Linked to Policy.

Herbert Hoover

First Lady:

Vice President: Charles Curtis

Age: 90

From: West Branch, Iowa

Career: Engineer

School: Stanford

Terms: 1

Setting: Great Depression

Contribution: Making Efforts to Stop the Depression.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

First Lady: Eleanor Roosevelt

Vice President: John Garner, Henry Wallace, Harry Truman

Age: 63

From: Hyde Park, New York

Career: Lawyer

School: Harvard

Terms: 3 1/4

Setting: Great Depression, World War II

Contribution: FDR Brought the U.S. out of the Great Depression, and lead the U.S. through most of the war.

Harry Truman

First Lady: Elizabeth Wallace

Vice President: Alben Barkley

Age: 88

From: Lamar, Missouri

Career: Farmer, Buissnesman

Terms: 2

Setting: World War II, Korean War

Contribution: Truman lead the US out of World War II. Start and end of the Korean War. Sacking General MacArthur.

Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower

First Lady: Mary Geneva Doud

Vice President: Richard Nixon

Age: 79

From: Denison, Texas

Career: Soldier

School: West Point

Terms: 2

Setting: Vietnam War

Contribution: Supreme Commander of Operation Overlord, more commonly known as D-Day.

John F. Kennedy

First Lady: Jacquleine Bouvier

Vice President: Lyndon B. Johnson

Age: 46

From: Brookline, Massachusetts.

Career: US Navy Officer

School: Harvard

Terms: 1

Setting: Cold War, Vietnam.


Death: Assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald. Oswald was later killed by Jack Ruby.

Lyndon B. Johnson

First Lady: Claudia Alta

Vice President: Hubert Humphrey

Age: 65

From: Johnson City, Texas

Career: Teacher

School: Texas State-San Marco

Terms: 1

Setting: Cold War, Vietnam War.

Contribution: Took over for JFK.

Richard Nixon

First Lady: Thelma Ryan

Vice President: Spiro Agnew, Gerald Ford

Age: 81

From: Yorba Linda, California

Career: Lawyer

School: Duke

Terms: 2

Setting: Cold War, Vietnam

Contribution: Only President to resign.

Gerald Ford

First Lady: Elizabeth Warren

Vice President: Nelson Rockefeller

Age: 93

From: Omaha, Nebraska

Career: Lawyer

School: Yale

Terms: 1

Setting: Post-Nixon Era. Cold War

Contribution: Taking over after the Watergate Scandal

Jimmy Carter

First Lady: Eleanor Smith

Vice President: Hubert Humphrey

Age: 91

From: Plains, Georgia

Career: Professor

School: Union College

Terms: 1

Setting: Cold War

Contribution: Mediating peace talks.

Ronald Reagan

First Lady: Nacy Davis

Vice President: George H. W. Bush

Age: 93

From: Tampico, Illinois

Career: Actor

School: Eureka College

Terms: 2

Setting: Cold War

Contribution: Reagan ended the Cold War, having reached an agreement with Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev

George H. W. Bush

First Lady: Barbara Peirce

Vice President: Dan Quayle

Age: 91

From: Milton, Massachusetts

Career: Businessman

School: Yale

Terms: 1

Setting: Gulf War

Contribution: Forced Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait.

Bill Clinton

First Lady: Hillary Rodham

Vice President: Al Gore

Age: 69

From: Hope, Arkansas

Career: Lawyer

School: Oxford, Yale

Terms: 2

Setting: Time of economic prosperity.

Contribution: Surviving an impeachment by Congress.

George W. Bush

First Lady: Laura Welch

Vice President: Dick Cheney


From: New Haven, Connecticut

Career: Businessman

School: Yale, Harvard

Terms: 2

Setting: Iraqi War

Contribution: Bringing the U.S. out of the 9/11 panic.