Info about me

Albert Nitrogen

Common Info About Me

Hi I'm Albert nitrogen I got my name from my Latin name. Also I was discovered by Daniel Ruthford. My symbol is N it comes from the first letter of my Latin name (Nitré). My atomic number is 7 that means that I have 7 protons, and my atomic mass is 14. At room temperature I am a gas, my melting point is -210 degrees Celcius, my boiling point is -195.8 degrees Celsius. I have 16 isotopes. I am a nonmetal

Extra facts About Me

I also have no taste, color, or scent. I make up 78.1% of earths air. I was named Azote by Antoine Lourent Lavoisier. My compounds are found in foods, fertilizers, poisons, and explosives. I have an avalance of 5. I also have another form which is liquid nitrogen and liquid nitrogen can be used to make ice cream, if you do use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream don't worry it is safe to eat