Too much stress?

If you have stress your not alone.

The NBC News did a study on students to fine out if stress is a big part of being a student these days. Four on ten students admitted to being stressed often. One of five felt like they are stressed most of their day. NBC asked students how they dealt with the stress, and some admitted to using drugs or alcohol to deal with stress. Chris Curran a Junior at the NY Collage of Pharmacy said "Everything is being piled on at once."

How to lower stress levels.

There are ways to lower stress levels other than drinking or doing drugs. After all drugs and alcohol is like the climb to a roller-coaster with the bottom missing, but that's a different poster.

1. Exercise: your body releases endorphin's that lower your stress levels.

2. Your diet

3. Sleep

4. Learning to relax: it helps to not focus on the stress, and think of somewhere tranquil.

What stress does to your body.


1. Memory problems

2. Inability to concentrate

3. Anxiety

4. Poor judgment


1. Moodiness

2. Short temper

3. Relaxing deficiency

4. Depression or general unhappiness