The Three Branches of Government

By: Keion Adams

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is made up of two house of congress which are the Senate and the House of Representatives.


  • Make the laws
  • Approve president appointments

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  • President- $400,000
  • Vice President- $ 230,700
  • Speaker of the House- 223,500
  • House Majority & Minority Leaders- $193,400
  • Members and Delegates- $ 174,000
  • Chief Justice, Supreme Court- $258,100
  • Associate Justice(s)- $ 246,800

Term Lengths

President- 4 years( 8 if elected again, or less if assassinated)

Vice President-There is No say about the vice president, but people usually on do 4 years maybe even 8

Speaker of House- 2 years

House of majority- 2 years

Members and delegates-2 years


President-Only people born in the Country, you have to be at least 35 years old, You have to have 14 years of residence within the United States
Vice President- Has to be a natural born citizen and Has to be at least 35

Speaker of House- Not any laws of how they have to be chosen

House of Majority- Has to be 25 at the less, and needs at least 7 years in the United States


President- Has to have exp. not just in politics, Has to have leadership skills, Has to be a Master negotiator, Has to speak directly and plain

Vice President- Same as President