Comets Math

News for Tuesday, January 15th


Lesson 6-5 to 6-6 Review pg 433 problems 42-60 all

Due to the fact that students need more time to work on the last two lessons, the practice test has been delayed until at least tomorrow, and the Test 6 will be taken Tuesday, January 22nd at the earliest. We will be taking the next few days to review Chapter 6.

Regular Math

We finished Investigation 2.1 and 2.2 today. Homework is on page 36, problems 2-4. Students were also given a worksheet with 8 problems. They are to choose and complete 4 of the 8 problems. They were sent home with rulers and protractors and should bring them back tomorrow.

Retakes for the test are:

Wednesday, January 16th during BASA (must let me know before Wed.)

Thursday, January 17th Team Studies (must have planner signed by me for pass to TS)

Box Tops, Lids, and Tabs - OH MY

Our library is collecting box tops for our school. In the process of helping that cause, I found that a number of the packages also has the Lids to turn in for helping cure breast cancer. So I am putting a few things out there so that we can be a little more aware and help with the things we already are buying.

**1** Box tops can now be found in a number of products NOT JUST FOOD. They can be found on Kleenex boxes, paper, ect. When you are at the store and have the option of getting a package that has a box top or not pick up the one with the box top. It you don't want to cut them apart from the packaging just bring in the whole package and I will cut them apart for you.

**2** Breast cancer lids – We will be mailing these in periodically during the semester.

**3** Pop Tops – We used to collect pop tops in the past in this building. Mrs. Hulfeld's daughter volunteers at the Ronald McDonald house. We will be giving them to her to donate in New Mark's name.

I am going to have my team work on collecting these items. Please help us with our collection. Let's take a little time this semester to increase our awareness and/or our students in easy ways to help.