The Magic Thief

Sarah Prineas

The Magic Thief takes place in a city called Twilight the main conflict I the story is Conn is trying to find his locus stone and becoming a wizard. The book begins with Conn stealing the wizards Nevery locus stone. I would describe Conn as fast because he has quick hands to steal things funny because he always makes jokes also brave he is not scared of doing scary things or getting in trouble . The things that motivates Conn are he wants to be a wizard he doesn't want to be a thief any more also he doesn't want to live in the streets. One thing I like about Conn is how he doesn't give up one thing I don't like is how he is hard headed

The main character is Conn. Three words to describe the main character are fast, funny and brave. The character is motivated by becoming a strong wizard and saving his city. I like the main character because he is brave and fights for what he wants. The relationship between Conn and Nevery is really close they became good friends.The theme of the book is Conn wants to become a wizard but first he has to find a locus stone. Then go to school learn how to read. Next he has to learn to do spells. Finally he has to become an apprentice.