Team Harrell

October 2013

Here's to an {OWLSOME} Fourth Quarter!

I am super excited about our new TOMs and new product. Here's hoping this helps all of us finish out the 4th quarter of the year with a BANG!!!

We had an awesome month last month. Our team finished with a group volume of $221,974.00!!!! It's amazing to be with a company that has sales like that in ONE MONTH. And that's wholesale! If we say that is just 65% of retail, we actually sold approximately $341,498,.46. Kind of puts that into perspective, doesn't it???

With so many new designers, I want to remind each of you to ALWAYS feel comfortable in going to your mentor with questions. It's very important to always be SURE about things and not guess just because you don't want to bother anyone. You are not bothering anyone. We want you to be successful for YOU! And helping you with even the smallest of questions is just one way to ensure you are.

If any of you are in the Southeast region, be on the lookout for info coming soon on a training event in Atlanta, GA. This is scheduled to be on November 2. We will have the chance to meet one another as well as meet our Regional Vice President (RVP), Janet Cronstedt, and others from the nest. Of course, this is open to all designers, not just those in the Southeast region. It will have a limited capacity, so when you see information posted, be sure you sign up as soon as possible. When you do sign up, please let me know so that I will know who from the team will be attending. I hope to get a chance to personally speak to each one of you who does. :)