Slavery in St. Domingue

Hanna Ruschy

How Slaves Were Treated and why it was so terrible

  • They were only provided the bare necessities to survive
  • The work they did was very hard
  • The punishment they received
  • They were not treated like humans

Why it's important

  • It freed the slaves
  • It is the only slave revolt that was successful
  • Ended French control over the country
  • It led Napoleon to wanting to leave the Americas & sell the Louisiana territory
  • In a way the revolution helped enlarge the US

The 3 Social Classes in Haiti

Whites: the ones who were in control

Mulattoes: had a very odd position, they enjoyed a certain amount of freedom, but they were still restrained by the whites because they were seen as colored

Slaves: suffered the most harsh conditions in the Caribbean, they were considered property

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Touissaint Louverture

Was the son of a slave, he was favoured by the plantation owner, legally freed in 1777, he got married and had 2 sons, August 1791 the slave revolt began and at first he did nothing but then he freed his previous master and then joined forces with the slaves, he gathered an army of his own and trained them, Toussaint had victories in the north, the Mulatto success in the south, and british occupation of the north, by 1795 he was widely known and was admired by blacks and most Europeans and mulattoes

Quote by Touissaint Louverture

"I was born a slave, but nature gave me a soul of a free man"
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The revolution

The slaves were fed up with being treated unfairly, they had the opportunity to act out and they took advantage of the opportunity. The rebellion began in 1791 when the enslaved African Americans attacked the plantations, they set fire to everything that was connected with their hated work. Many European men and woman were killed. The slaves had burned thousands of plantations and controlled a large part of the north. Toussaint Louverture became their leader. The French government moved to abolish slavery in in the colony in August-October 1793.
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